Annex E: Direction & Control

The purpose of this annex is to delineate responsibilities for the effective coordination of the Lone Star College’ response to an emergency or imminent disaster by establishing procedures for activating, staffing, operating and deactivating the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and or Virtual EOC.

Concept of Operations

  1. When the EOC becomes fully activated, the COO or SAVCPS will inform the Chancellor and appropriate department directors the reason for the activation and immediately initiate a planned response based on the current information of the situation. Unless otherwise directed, the COO or SAVCPS assumes message release authority and may delegate this authority to the EOC Controller’s discretion. Media phone calls will be handled by the Public Information Officer (PIO) on behalf of LSC.
  2. The COO or SAVCPS may request to activate the EOC.
  3. The EOC will be deactivated by the SAVCPS when there is no longer a need for centralized administrative coordination of an emergency event. Notification to the appropriate departments and agencies will be made.


  • LSC Policy
  • FEMA, Guide for All-Hazard Emergency Operations Planning (SLG-101).

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