Annex F: Firefighting

The purpose of this annex is to provide the Lone Star College community with a firefighting plan to meet the demands of a disaster situation. Please note that LSC does not have firefighting team on staff and is dependent upon the firefighting services offered by local fire departments within the LSC jurisdiction.

Concept of Operations

LSC has or will establish mutual aid agreements with those external agencies responsible for providing the services to the LSC community on which LSC depends on for public health and safety, mobility, and other services that affect LSC occupants. As mutually agreed to, LSC will assist and lead where feasible, in acquiring the needed resources for restoration of basic services on a campus.

During major emergencies, disasters, or catastrophic incidents, it may be necessary to transition from the normal ICS structure to a Multi-agency Coordination System. The EOC is central to this system, and functions as a conduit for coordinating information and resources. The EOC will mobilize and deploy resources for use by the Incident Commander, coordinate external resources and technical support, research problems, provide information to senior managers, disseminate emergency public information, and perform other tasks to support on-scene operations.


  • State of Texas Emergency Management Plan
  • Texas Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid Plan
  • State of Texas Emergency Management Plan, Annex F, Section IV.H
  • Local Fire Departments and Fire Zone Assignments

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