Annex G: Law Enforcement

The purpose of this annex is to identify the needs and establish the procedures of the Lone Star College Police Department (LSCPD) and Lone Star College Public Safety Officers (LSCPSO). LSCPD in the prevention, mitigation, preparation, response to and recovery from extreme hazards and emergencies. This annex concerns, primarily, the protection of life and property, enforcement of criminal laws and coordination or assistance in the movement of people and resources in and around the affected area.

And, LSCPSO to supplement LSCPD operational effectiveness by having Police Officers and Public Safety Officers work as a team to provide a high level of safety and security services to the LSC community. Public Safety Officers shall adhere to all LSC System policies and all Police Department directives. Recognizing, LSCPSO LSC Public Safety Officers do not possess the powers, privileges, and immunities of peace officers because they are not. See LSCPD GO16, for further details.

Concept of Operations

LSC is responsible for providing the LSC community a safe environment in which to study, work and learn. The LSC PD has the responsibility to lead or assist in the restoration of basic services to accomplish the this in the event of an emergency event.

The LSC PD has a number of responsibilities that are performed on a routine basis. During extreme emergencies, the scope and priorities of police service may shift, drawing upon less vital components in an effort to supplement the primary mission of protection of life and property.

While the department will be able to respond to most situations and events independently, the need for outside assistance may arise. Provisions exist in the Basic Plan for seeking outside assistance in response to a major disaster. Additionally, LSC PD may acquire cooperation from other agencies through use of Memoranda of Understanding, where needed.


  • LSC Basic Plan
  • Internal Departmental Policies

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