Annex H: Active Threat

This annex defines how LSCPD will immediately respond to an active threat incident by focusing on neutralizing the threat(s), preventing access to potential victims, and rescuing injured persons and potential victims.

This annex reflects and incorporates the primary goal of Lone Star College to protect lives, preserve property, and provide for the resumption of essential services and everyday activities as soon as possible. Implementation of this annex involves making management and executive decisions during emergencies, affecting LSC operations, schedules, and work assignments within the LSC community.

Concept of Operations

Acts of violence include, but are not limited to, the following: an active threat, an active shooter, an explosive incident or bomb threat, barricaded subject, or an armed intruder. The LSCPD is the primary law enforcement agency of jurisdiction for acts of violence and will respond according to LSCPD procedures.


  • LSC Basic Plan 
  • LSCPD GM 3.8

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