Annex I: Hazard Mitigation

The purpose of this annex is to provide the concepts for administrative and operational activities, which could lead to the reduction and or possible removal of those conditions that cause potential hazards or are hazardous to the Lone Star College community.

Concept of Operations

LSC will continue its current hazard mitigation efforts, such as building and fire inspections, and regular enforcement of laws and ordinances. These actions reduce the risk and effects of hazardous situations.

This annex is not intended to describe in detail all aspects of the LSC mitigation program. The achievement of hazard mitigation objectives is a system-wide initiative, and all departments should identify and implement risk reduction measures.

DEP is responsible for coordinating mitigation activities with other LSC departments and external agencies. In addition, DEP will work with government agencies on mitigation issues that are appropriate for LSC community.


  • TDEM, Mitigation Handbook (DEM-21).
  • LSC Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis.

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