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FIE Award Recipients 2011-2012


Craig Livingston, LSC-Montgomery
The purpose of this trip is to enhance skills as an instructor and player of the Highland bagpipe at Piping Hot Summer Drummer, in preparation for HIST 2351: The History of World War One, a course marking the 100th anniversary of WWI (1914-2014). Unique to the course will be a component that communicates the ethos, aspirations, and achievements of the British Army through the music of the bagpipe.

England and France

Brenda Rivera and Rebecca Stasney, LSC-CyFair
The purpose of this trip is to internationalize the Transitional English curriculum typically taught and to develop a credit level English/Humanities study abroad program, ENGL 1301 & HUMA 1301. Travel will be to multiple locations in England and France to obtain materials for exploration of the formation of the English language and its subsequent sup plantation of French as the global language. Exposing students to perspectives from other countries and knowledge of the political and historical forces that caused English to become a global language will help students develop critical thinking skills.


Julie Brasher and Laura Fisher, LSC-CyFair
The purpose of this estimated 3 week trip is to research the development of a joint study abroad program for the Visual Communication and Arts program, ARTS 1316 & 1317. Research will include touring a summer program and its facilities offered at SRISA (Santa Reparata International School of Art) and to develop additional site activities in the Florence and Castellmmare region that pertain to the concept of SlowFood (ARTC 2347) and influence of Italian art and culture (ARTS 1316 & 1317).


David Davis, LSC-North Harris
The purpose of this trip is to experience Tanzanian culture, study ancient sites of human history, study early trading routes at the confluence of early Arab, African and Indian cultures, and the Arab-African slave trade to contribute to internationalizing the curriculum of History 1301 and 1302 through an Afro-centric understanding of the 19th century international slave trade. Also, will study and experience the Islamic culture and the development of Islam in Zanzibar. And will evaluate the feasibility of study abroad opportunities and service learning opportunities.


Anne Amis, LSC-Kingwood
The purpose of this March trip is to internationalize ESOL course curriculum. It is also for developing professional skills and strategies to better serve LSCS Vietnamese students by learning more about Vietnamese students' cultural background and how it influences classroom learning and behavior, better understanding how English is taught, and learning best practices of Vietnamese teachers in addressing oral communication and pronunciation.

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