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FIE Award Recipients 2012-2013


Rick Pretzsch, LSC-CyFair
The purpose of this trip is to study economic development in a rapidly growing economy and see the impact of the oil and gas industry on the overall economic development for the purposes of internationalizing the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics course curriculum and developing a study abroad program. The trip will provide information on Brazil’s economy, especially its energy sector, to be incorporated into the courses. Students will be able to view economic development in an energy-driven economy and have a current example of economic development and growth rates that surpass those of the United States. A future study abroad program to Brazil will provide a unique opportunity for students to observe the country and its people and see the role energy plays in economic development; the tension between oil-based development and greener ethanol-based sources; and the contribution macroeconomic development can make to the standard of living, opportunities and overall well-being.

France, Germany, Poland (Auschwitz)

Sophia Mrouri and Kelly Schimmel, LSC-CyFair
The purpose of this trip is (1) to internationalize the U.S.-based curricula of HIST 1301/1302 and GOVT 2305/2306 enabling future students and professors to explore both the momentous and continual shaping of American society and politics from countries abroad and to investigate the influential role of United States history and politics on the world; (2) to develop a history and government learning community centered around key elements of course outcomes in the area of human rights, peace studies, diversity and international terrorism; (3) and to explore the possibility of establishing a study abroad program that focuses on globalization and peace and conflict studies. Whether they are abroad or on campus, students will be able to understand the historical and modern issues and events that shape the world.

Germany, France, Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg)

Rob Coyle and Buck Buchanan, LSC-CyFair
This trip to the Rhineland is to evaluate study abroad locations, accommodations and activities for the exploration of the political, cultural and economic integration of Europe. Selected locations will serve as “living laboratories” in which future students may explore the larger themes of History and Geography by observing and reflecting on communities in which they will reside while abroad. Some potential study abroad field trips will include museums of rural life, industry, technology and art with short day trips to WWI and WWI battlefields. Additionally, this award will provide opportunities to further expand international perspectives in HIST 2311/2312 and all Geography courses, to include an ongoing International Studies (IS) designation.


Terra Ruppert, LSC-Tomball
The purpose of this trip is to help Leprosy colonies become thriving, self-sufficient communities by providing humanitarian service through occupational therapy to individuals with Hansen’s disease (leprosy). The trip will be in conjunction with the medical team at Rising Star Outreach at the Thottanaval Village in the Kancheepurum District of India as part of a mobile medical team providing services to residents. Materials to help individuals have functional use of their remaining limbs will be provided. Other services provided will include wound care, disease education and general medical assistance. Through the use of information technology, LSCS students will be able to interact with the instructor while in India, regarding applied treatment approaches. Upon return, the principles used while in India will be applied to other client situations in the classroom setting, such as other underserved populations. This trip will provide unique opportunities for learning about the culture of disability, as well as the Indian culture and promote student awareness to cultural and sub-cultural issues relevant to a village of disabled individuals.

Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic

Alexander Hogan, LSC-CyFair
The purpose of this trip is to gather information and data to create internationalized studies (IS) designated political science courses and to establish relationships with Polish and Czech Universities for future curriculum partnerships. The content developed will be integrated into GOVT 2304 and 2305. The European cities selected for this trip offer an opportunity to build content which explores the impact of all the major political developments and system changes in Europe in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The information gathered will also help frame a comparative discussion of the issues surrounding democracy, diversity and representation that will contribute to student learning by providing an opportunity for students to expand their horizons and consider the global community. The data gathered will also create opportunities for out-of-class learning through a comparative-politics- focused lecture series on campus hosted through the political science department.


Nancy Lim, LSC-North Harris
The purpose of this trip is to develop a study abroad program for American students and faculty members to learn and broaden their global perspective of pharmacy practice in a developing country such as Thailand. This potential study abroad trip will challenge American students to compare and contrast the pharmacy practice between developed and developing countries. It will also strengthen an excellent relationship between the United States and Thailand and provide an opportunity for collaboration between LSCS and Huachiew Chalermprakiet University. This potential study abroad program will also serve as a pilot model for future programs that can be developed for other disciplines in the division of health and human services.

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