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FIE Award Recipients 2013-2014


Carolyn Davis, LSC-North Harris
The purpose of this exploration is to participate on a U.S. Department of State-approved exchange program in order to learn firsthand about the present-day Cuban political system.  The experience will provide an opportunity to study the roots of the Cuban revolution, assess its unique form of Marxism, and the local culture. Information gathered will be used to update lecture material on Cuba for Government 2305.  The trip will also preliminarily assess the feasibility of a study abroad program for this course after Cuban-American travel reopens.

England and France

Shawn Miller, LSC-CyFair
The purpose of this trip is to explore the feasibility of a study abroad program for students in London and Paris, and to research the convergence methodology between International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This proposal will also investigate the development of a faculty/student exchange in London. All of the information gathered during this experience will be used to internationalize course(s) at Lone Star College.


Jason LaPres and Leslie LaPres, LSC-University Park
The purpose of this trip is to participate in a course that provides college instructors the opportunity to expand their understanding of the rich cultural heritage of anatomy education along the Italian Peninsula, and its connection with Renaissance art. Masterpieces will be considered within the context of how they were influenced by the dissections conducted by the masters. This interdisciplinary experience will also provide insight into the psychological and sociological factors in Europe, especially Italy, that helped shape the methods and laws governing not only anatomical exploration, but also the birth and advancement of Psychology and research methods. This knowledge will be used to integrate art, anatomy, history, psychology and culture to help students have a more worldly view of anatomy and psychology.

Kenya and Tanzania

Vanessa Gilbert-Cronen, LSC-Tomball
The purpose of this trip is to visit the Maasai, a proud and independent ancient warrior tribe also known as the “people of the cattle.” Unlike many tribal societies, the Maasai people have managed to protect and preserve their culture and way of life in the struggle against globalization and encroachment on their lands. The firsthand knowledge gained on the Maasai people’s successes and struggles during this “cultural safari” will be used to expand on real world examples in order to teach Sociological concepts with a global/cross-cultural focus.

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