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FIE Award Recipients 2014-2015



Mark Marotto, LSC-Montgomery
The purpose of this trip is to internationalize the music courses 1141, 1151 and 1306 to enable future students and professors to experience the rich musical tradition of Cuba, and to explore the possibility of establishing a study abroad program. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how Cuban music brings together African and Hispanic musical traditions while influencing a number of other musical genres including jazz, salsa, merengue and tango. Special focus will be given to the musical style, instruments, and performance practices specific to Cuban music, and how these relate to Cuban society today. A future study abroad program will provide a unique opportunity for music students to immerse themselves in a culture where music and art are an inextricable part of daily life and to have a meaningful cultural exchange through shared performance.


Ramona Cortese, LSC-Montgomery
The purpose of this award is to develop a visual narrative for English 2341 that chronicles Dante's life and exile in order to deepen the learning experience and to better engage LSC students while teaching The Divine Comedy.  Following in the steps of Dante will add to class discussions and assignments by experiencing the places that are central to Dante’s vision of national unity geography that informs the poem and bringing the poem to life for students.

South Africa

Danel Olson, LSC-North Harris
The purpose of this trip to South Africa, with short, cross-border trips into Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, is to better understand South African cultures, to expand contributions to English courses by exploring African sites, to meet and interview African writers and thinkers which will invigorate teaching and provide new perspectives, to revisit the lingering effects of trauma from Apartheid, and to gain information for students who may wish to transfer to universities there.  The information gathered during this experience will be used to internationalize the Gothic and Survivors’ Tales courses at Lone Star College.


Andrea Bacorn, LSC-Montgomery
The purpose of this award is to internationalize course curriculum.  By filming a telenovela in Madrid using Spanish speaking actors for the script this film will be used to engage students during beginning Spanish classes 1411 and 1412.  The five episodes of the film will enable students to understand daily dialogue in a total immersion situation while exposing them to an authentic Spanish location and environment and engaging them in an entertaining plot while they learn pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar structures.

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