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FIE Award Recipients 2015-2016

Thailand and Indonesia

Valerie Jefferson
The purpose of this trip is to globalize the first year EDUC 1300 course for Lone Star College students by partnering with GoEco, LSC-Jakarta and Jakarta community partners to develop a specialized first-year experience course that focuses on knowledge of self, diversity, college connectedness, service learning and career exploration in the global marketplace. Students will be given the opportunity to have an introduction to the Teaching Profession (EDUC 1301) through exposure to schools in Texas, Thailand and Indonesia.

United Kingdom

Thomas Kelly
The purpose of this trip is to (1) study “push factors” that led English citizens to colonize North America and (2) to investigate a possible Study Abroad program in Public History commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the departure of the Pilgrims from Plymouth in 1620. The new information gathered during this trip will add depth and “color” to classroom presentations for History 1301, giving students a much broader and deeper perspective on the early colonists and the English roots of America. Bringing English history into the classroom will expand student understanding of America as part of a global community from its earliest days.

United Kingdom

John Maynard
The purpose of this trip is to explore and develop a study abroad program for pre-Allied Health students. A Study Abroad program for BIOL 2402: Anatomy and Physiology II will provide a historical perspective of important anatomical/physiological and medical breakthroughs to students, by relating those to modern methodologies in Anatomy/Physiology and medical fields. By visiting many of the London museums dedicated to these disciplines future study abroad students will be provided with an appreciation of laboratory techniques currently utilized through an active learning environment and collaborative discussions for a deeper understanding of the course material. In addition providing interactive activities, students will have an invaluable opportunity to gain an understanding of the origin of current ideas and practices and trace the evolution of medicine and A&P.



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