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FIE Award Recipients 2016-2017


Tony Fuller
The purpose of this project is to identify and explore appropriate and successful best international business practices and etiquette in three major, business-centered cities across India. The study findings will be used to expand and update the international best business practices and etiquette section of Speech 1321, Business Speech. Students interested in international business as a career will benefit directly from understanding current best business practices and etiquette in India now, and for the foreseeable future. The study will also allow SPCH 1321 to obtain International Studies Designation by restructuring the course to emphasize the international elements of Business Speech.

Scotland and Ireland

Blake Ellis and Brooke Ballard
The purpose of this FIE travel is twofold: (1) To visit historical sites to research and gather narratives for the creation of an online archive/database of immigrant voices. The narratives selected will speak to the Irish-American and Scotch-Irish immigration experiences on issues relevant to a diverse student body (economic instability, political change, family breakup and the negotiation of a bi-national identity); (2) To build the framework for creating a new, relevant and impactful study abroad opportunity.


David Birch
The purpose of this FIE is to establish the logistics and pathway for Model UN participation and to create a study abroad course that will expand opportunities for students. In addition to helping to build a formalized resource network of faculty, administrators, governmental officials and business leaders in Taipei and Taichung Taiwan, the travel will help expedite entrance for our students into the Model UN competition, and help to promote embedded class-based experiential learning opportunities in International Studies Designated classes.

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