College Academy

College Academy

College Academy

The College Academy is a dual credit program providing high school students with the opportunity to earn a high school diploma from Cypress Fairbanks ISD (CFISD) while simultaneously receiving an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from Lone Star College-CyFair.

About the College Academy

Beginning Fall 2017, CFISD initiated a pilot program with LSC-CyFair at Cypress Lakes High School, called the College Academy. As an extension of the dual credit program at CFISD, it provided a head start for high school students to earn an Associate of Science degree during the senior year of high school.

The program was introduced to eighth-grade students from Thornton and Watkins Middle Schools in the spring semester of the 2016-2017 academic year. Approximately 175 students submitted applications for the program and of those, 140 met the criteria for selection. Priority was awarded to students who were first generation to attend college, economically disadvantaged, high achievers and/or underserved.

In the ninth grade, the College Academy students prepared to complete dual credit placement examinations in order to start taking college courses as early as the summer before their sophomore year. Their high school schedule continued to include opportunities to take college courses throughout the remaining years of high school, including summer school courses to earn up to 60 credit hours or two years of college.

Subsequently, the program plan changed in the ninth grade to focus primarily on college readiness and preparedness while working with a College Academy Mentor. College Academy students began taking dual credit courses during their sophomore year. Dual Credit course offerings were expanded to allow College Academy students to complete college coursework to apply to either an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science degree throughout the remaining grades of high school, including summer school opportunities.

Beginning Fall 2020, the College Academy expanded to all CFISD high schools through the school district’s application process. 85 students in the College Academy at Cypress Lakes High School graduated with an associate degree from the initial Fall 2017 pilot program. For more information about the College Academy, please visit CFISD’s website or email CollegeAcademy@CFISD.net.

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