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FIE Award Recipients 2017-2018


Stephanie Kelly and Peggy Lambert
The purpose of this trip is to gather information and make contacts in order to offer a HIST 1301 and HIST 1302 study abroad. We hope to meet with contacts at the Universidad de Chile in order to discuss possible activities with the University of Chile and JRS during the study abroad. In addition, we will explore possible day trips relevant to the course, including day trips to Valparaiso, Cajon de Maipo, and Portillo Inca Lagoon.  Additionally, we will work on setting up lectures at the University of Chile through the Office of International Affairs at U. Chile. Through these lectures, we hope to connect the burgeoning wine industry in Chile with partnerships the University of Chile formed with universities in California as part of John F. Kennedy's Alliance for Progress. In the city of Santiago, we will explore possible museums and significant historical sites such as the Palacio de la Moneda and Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos (Museum of Memory and Human Rights).


Clay White
The purpose of this FIE is to enhance academic knowledge and experience of biodiversity and ecosystems in the rain forest and bring back valuable resources to explore the creation of a study abroad learning community course for biology or environmental science. Additionally, I plan to supplement the academic curriculum and instruction of BIOL 1407, 1409 and ENVR 1401 by incorporating aspects of biodiversity in the rain forests. Furthermore, I hope to develop specialized travel techniques in an international country that will be implemented for study abroad. Finally, my goal is to better understand the ecological interactions within the rain forest/island habitat and assess the viability of a sustainable study abroad program and any potential risks that may be associated with a study abroad course in this location.


Steffani Frideres
The purpose of this FIE is to internationalize the ART Appreciation 1301 and ART History 1 classes. Greece is the birthplace of western civilization and the "City State." I intend to start at the Acropolis in Athens and then venture out to Mycenae - The Lions Gate and Bronze Age citadel, and then travel to Delphi and Ancient Corinth. All three being important places taught in the Art Appreciation and ART History 1 classes. Gaining firsthand knowledge by visiting and studying these ancient places, I will be able to impart a deeper understanding of how Greece has played an integral part with the development of Western Art History and how its influences can still be seen today.

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