PLA By Non-Regionally Accredited College or University

This assessment option is required for evaluating transcripts from institutions not accredited by one of the seven (7) regional accreditors. Eligibility criteria specific to this assessment must be met before requesting transcript evaluation. Once an advisor confirms eligibility, students may move forward with the faculty evaluation process.

Eligibility Criteria

The student services staff member working with the student should verify that the studentís application and transcript qualifies for every roman numeral section below:

Accreditation of the Source Institution is Acceptable - One of the following must apply:

  1. The source institution is identified as a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) recognized accreditor. Verify at the THECB Website.
  2. The source institution is from outside Texas but is approved to operate in Texas. Verify this by checking the THECB Website.
  3. The source institution is outside Texas but is nationally accredited by one of the agencies that the THECB recognizes
    1. The THECB List of Recognized Accreditors.
    2. Database of Accredited U.S. Colleges and Universities.

If any of the above applies, proceed to the next section. If none of the options in this section applies, then the student is not eligible for this type of PLA.

Degree Program - Students must have been pursuing an associate degree program at the source institution. The degree must be noted on the official transcript and listed on one of the following inventories:

  1. The THECB Degree Program Search
  2. The Database of Accredited U.S. Colleges and Universities

If the studentís degree is not noted on the official transcript, he/she must get a letter from the unaccredited college or university stating this information. Students who were certificate majors do not qualify to apply for this credit.


Credit Evaluation

An application with transcript, course syllabus/syllabi, and business office receipt should be submitted for faculty evaluation. Faculty will review the transcript and course syllabus/syllabi for course equivalency and rigor. In addition to course equivalency and rigor, LSC course credit is awarded when faculty identify the following:

  • Student earned a grade of C or above in the course.
  • Course is equivalent to a LSC course.
  • All prerequisites for the LSC course equivalent are met.
  • Quarter hour conversions must be close to semester credit hours for the equivalent LSC course. See the Quarter Hour Conversion Chart below.
Quarter Hours Credit Hours
1 0.67
2 1.34
3 2.01
4 2.68
5 3.35
6 4.02
7 4.69
8 5.36


Foreign Languages 

Course #  Course Name  Industry Training or Requirements 
CHIN 1411 Beginning Chinese I Fulbright-Consortium Study Abroad in Taiwan




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