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Bookstore Transition FAQs

Who is the new Bookstore Operator?

Lone Star College (LSC) has named Barnes & Noble College, a Barnes & Noble Education Company (NYSE:BNED), as the new operator of its six on-campus bookstores and seven centers.

When will the transition to new management begin?

The Lone Star College Bookstores will transition to new management beginning Oct. 1.

Who is Barnes & Noble College?

Barnes & Noble College is recognized for its ability to bring innovative programs and solutions to college and university campuses. The selection of Barnes & Noble College will allow the bookstores to offer Lone Star College students a variety of affordable course materials, including a robust in-store and online rental textbook program; an extensive selection of used, new and digital textbooks; and OER Courseware, as well as a new price matching program—offering even more savings to LSC students.
General information on Barnes & Noble College can be obtained by visiting the company’s website.

Will each campus bookstore continue to maintain our unique identity?

Yes, Barnes & Noble College will continue to offer LSC students bookstores that reflect the college campuses’ unique brand, including an expanded selection of logo apparel, laptops and other technology products, school supplies, reference and reading materials, as well as gifts for alumni, friends and family. A variety of beverages, food and snack items will also be offered at the bookstores, cafes and marketplaces.

Will I be able to order from my specific campus bookstore website?

Yes, Barnes & Noble College will create and manage Lone Star College’s online bookstore websites, serving LSC-Cy Fair, LSC-Kingwood, LSC-Montgomery, LSC-North Harris , LSC-Tomball and LSC-University Park — and delivering an innovative, customized shopping experience, offering students, faculty and alumni the choice and convenience to shop in-store or online.

Will the bookstore website be integrated with the campus registration portal?

Yes, registration integration will automatically populate the necessary textbooks into students’ individual schedules when registering for courses. The student completes checkout, the order is reserved in the bookstore website and an order confirmation is emailed to the student with order number, item and payment details.

Will the bookstore have all my course materials available in my campus bookstore?

Yes, the bookstore is a full-service store whose sole mission is to provide the correct course content materials and make them available and accessible to students two weeks before the start of classes each semester. Working with faculty members, we ensure that each student has access to affordable course material options as early as possible, helping to guarantee student success!

What happens when a textbook is back-ordered?

Barnes & Noble College’s commitment to service includes stocking every book that is requested for every class, even titles that may be obscure, customized course packs and loose-leaf format textbooks.
From time to time, it may be necessary to back-order a textbook. When this happens, the campus bookstore immediately places the order, and if need be, places a rush order to the textbook supplier. Barnes & Noble College offer students the opportunity in-store and online to pre-pay for the back order which will guarantee a copy of the textbook. As soon as the textbook arrives in store, students will be notified by our bookstore team.

Old editions and out-of-print books may not be available in the requested quantities. The bookstore will make every attempt to fill the enrollment. The bookstore will also update  faculty/staff as to the status of old editions and out-of-print books.

As a Faculty member how will I submit course adoptions?

Lone Star College faculty members will gain access to a groundbreaking online community called FacultyEnlight (, a streamlined textbook adoption platform that combines advanced search capabilities with detailed information on course material formats, pricing and reviews by other faculty members.
Management in store will provide additional training for faculty members as needed.

How will the transition to Barnes & Noble College affect pricing at our bookstore?

Barnes & Noble College will drive significant cost savings for Lone Star College students, offering a variety of affordable choices for learning materials, including a robust textbook rental program and an extensive selection of new, used and digital books. Barnes & Noble College will seamlessly integrate systems with Lone Star College’s learning management system (LMS), allowing students to view their registered courses alongside the corresponding learning materials (in a variety of prices and formats) so they can easily place their order in minutes. New store services also include Barnes & Noble College’s price match program, which ensures students get their materials at the lowest cost possible, as well as the company’s year-round buyback program.
In addition to traditional textbook options, the bookstore will also offer affordable open educational resources (OER) content and courseware through OpenStax, LoudCloud Courseware™ and other major OER providers. Barnes & Noble College First Day™, the company’s inclusive access solution, delivers even more opportunities for savings by offering course materials at reduced prices through a course materials fee. Inclusive access models ensure students receive their materials directly through their LMS on or before the first day of class, and have a proven track record of driving positive outcomes for students.

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