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LSC encourages everyone to wear a mask while on campus and to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Learn more @ LoneStar.edu/Coronavirus. Visit LoneStar.edu/LoneStarCollegeAlert for tropical storm updates.


Steps to Success

Seven Steps to Success

  1. Find out how to qualify for dual credit
    • Talk to the high school counselor to inquire if your studentís high school has a dual credit agreement with Lone Star College.
    • Discuss classes required for your studentís high school graduation plan for dual credit and obtain the counselorís approval before completing the college admission application.
    • Inquire about eligibility rules for University Interscholastic League (UIL) competition and dual credit participation and ask about dual credit application deadlines.
  2. Learn about approved college placement tests
    • Check with the high school counselor regarding college placement tests and score requirements.
    • Get copies of college placement score reports of examinations the student has already completed.
    • ACT, SAT, Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA2), may be presented for dual credit eligibility.
  3. Check costs
    • Students only pay for tuition and textbooks.
    • Initial TSIA2 (college readiness assessment) test fee is waived for dual credit students
  4. Submit the Lone Star College online application
    • Complete the admissions application at  LoneStar.edu/admissions-application.
    • Submit placement test scores or complete  pre-assessment activity (PAA) and take approved assessment test as recommended by high school counselor or dual credit advisor for the courses you are attempting to take for dual credit.
    • Meningitis vaccination is required for courses taken physically on a LSC campus.
  5. Registering and paying for classes and textbooks
    • Dual credit advisors register students for courses approved by the high school counselor on the dual credit/exceptional admission course approval form.
    • Pay for classes online at my.LoneStar.edu or at your Lone Star College campus at the Bursar/Cashier Office. Textbooks may be purchased at the LSC campus bookstore or from online retailers.
  6. Tips for student success and transferring courses
    • Student must maintain a grade of C or better  to continue in the program.
    • Talk to a dual credit advisor to learn how dual credit courses transfer to the university.
    • Request a copy of your official LSC transcript to send to colleges and universities.
    • Keep a notebook with a copy of the syllabus for each dual credit course completed.
  7. Enjoy all of the benefits of your student getting a head start in college
    • Increases the likelihood that a student will complete high school, as well as enroll in and succeed in college.
    • Decreases cost of tuition and fees for students by completing up to a year or more of college credit.
    • Transfer many classes to public colleges or universities in Texas, and some may be accepted by out-of-state and private colleges.
    • Accelerate time to degree completion allowing new graduates to enter the workforce and begin to earn wages sooner which benefits themselves and the economy.
    • Access to LSC student resources, such as library, tutoring, career exploration, and much more.


Apply for Dual Credit

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