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Magnus SMR

Lone Star College has partnered with Magnus Health Student Medical Records (SMR), an electronic system for tracking and storing the bacterial meningitis immunizations and medical exemptions. All bacterial meningitis vaccination or exemption documentation must be submitted through Magnus Health SMR.  Magnus Health SMR student accounts are only accessed within myLoneStar.  

  1. Create a personal Magnus Health SMR account to submit your documentation.  There is a $10.50 charge that must be paid to Magnus Health SMR when the account is created.
  2. Instructions on electronically submitting documentation through Magnus Health SMR can be viewed and downloaded.  
  3. Immunization records must include the Magnus Health SMR cover sheet if they are faxed or mailed.  
  4. Additional instructions and/or notifications regarding the verification process will be sent sent from Magnus Health SMR to your email account.

About Magnus Health SMR

Magnus Health SMR is used by more than 900 schools for managing school health records. Lone Star College has adopted this system because it:

  • Reduces the future burden of paperwork on our students.
  • Provides HIPAA and FERPA privacy and security practices to the information.
  • Makes this information instantly available to you if the need arises in the future.
  • Advances the speed of care and communication to you in the event of an outbreak or illness on campus.

Magnus Health SMR customer service is available at 877-461-6831; online chat is available inside your Magnus Health SMR student account. Technical problems may also be emailed to




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