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Lone Star College-Promise Scholarship Community Service FAQs

***NOTICE: The LSC-Promise Scholarship is not affiliated with Harris County Promise.

Why are community service hours required?

The LSC-Promise Scholarship desires that students participate in authentic, meaningful community service that deepens their sense of gratitude, responsibility for the future, and appreciation of diversity.

How are community service hours completed/documented? 

All community service hours must be submitted to using the form provided by the K-12 Outreach Manager. Documentation must be complete and will be subject to verification. Students will receive communication from the K-12 Outreach Manager confirming documentation and/or completion.

When are community service hours due?

Community service hours are due as follows:

  • Spring:  March 15
  • Fall:  October 15

What happens if I do not complete my hours?

Students who do not complete the required community service hours by the deadline will be ineligible for funding in subsequent semesters and be notified accordingly by the K-12 Outreach Manager. Students who lose eligibility cannot reapply.

What does/does not count as community service?

Community service is unpaid time contributed to a nonprofit or public service organization (not individual). The community should be benefitting from the time and work put in.  Supervision cannot be a family member.

Activities that count as community service include but are not limited to:  volunteering with the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, area food banks, and animal shelters.  A Volunteer Locations list will be provided by the K-12 Outreach Manager.

Activities that do not count as community service include but are not limited to:  building a deck with a friend, babysitting, picking up trash on a hike, donating canned goods to a food drive, participating in a race, or proselytizing.

Should circumstances prevent in-person volunteering, virtual options are available.  Virtual resources will be included on the aforementioned list.

Should an interest/event arise that is not noted on the Volunteer Locations list, students must contact to ensure volunteer hours will qualify and be accepted.

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