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Lone Star College-Promise Scholarship FAQs

***NOTICE: The LSC-Promise Scholarship is not affiliated with Harris County Promise.

How do other forms of financial aid affect the LSC-Promise Scholarship amount?

Students must exhaust all other grants and scholarships (except the Texas Public Educational Grant) prior to being awarded the LSC-Promise Scholarship. The LSC-Promise Scholarship may be reduced or removed depending on the scholarship amount. Additionally, the LSC-Promise Scholarship may reduce the amount of loans students are qualified to receive.

How will new applicants receive notification of their application status?

New applicants will receive email communication from the K-12 Outreach Manager regarding their application status.  Once the application status has been determined, students will receive an approval/denial email no later than the second week of August.

How is the award amount determined?

The award amount varies depending on coursework and financial need.  Tuition and fees are determined by number of credit hours for which student is enrolled. Financial Aid will determine remaining need and award accordingly. 

Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?

All questions should be directed to the K-12 Outreach Manager at

What is required once a student has been approved/deemed eligible?

Eligible students are required to complete the following:

  • Letter of Appreciation:  letters are required by the Foundation each long semester (Fall and Spring) in which the student receives funding. A template is provided by the K-12 Outreach Manager. Letters must:
    • Be submitted to the K-12 Outreach Manager for revision/feedback no later than 2 weeks prior to the deadline.
    • Have an original signature in final copy form and be either mailed or delivered by the deadline.
    • Be submitted no later than September 1 (Fall) and February 1 (Spring).
  • Scholarship Meeting:  New applicants must attend a scholarship meeting in the Fall of their first semester as an LSC-Promise Scholarship recipient.  Scholarship meetings must be completed by the 1st Friday of classes.  Opportunities to attend include evenings and weekends. Virtual Orientations will be available via WebEx.
  • Student Financial Agreement
  • Community Service Hours agreement:  Recipients must sign an agreement each long semester (Fall and Spring) wherein they acknowledge the requirement to complete the requisite number of community service hours.

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