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Lone Star College-Promise Scholarship Requalification

***NOTICE: The LSC-Promise Scholarship is not affiliated with Harris County Promise.

Once applicants have been approved and awarded for their first fall semester, they no longer need to reapply in subsequent semesters. Requirements for maintaining eligibility are as follows:

  • Continue to meet eligibility as outlined for first-time applicants.
    • NOTE:  Students who do not meet SAP will receive an automated FA notification as well as separate communication from the K-12 Outreach Manager.  Students may file an appeal by adhering to LSC deadlines and procedures.
  • Enroll full-time (12+ credit hours) each fall and spring semester
    • Spring enrollment includes Winter mini (deadline to enroll is November 15 for mini and December 15 for Spring).
    • Summer enrollment (while not required) includes May mini (deadline to enroll is April 15 for mini and May 15 for Summer).
    • Fall enrollment deadline is August 1.
  • Complete community service hours each fall and spring semester by the respective deadlines.  Community service hours are not required for summer sessions.

Students found to be ineligible will not receive funding in subsequent semesters and will be notified accordingly by the K-12 Outreach Manager.  Students who lose eligibility cannot reapply.

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