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Biotechnology Advanced Technical Certificate

The Biotechnology Advanced Technical Certificate (C4_BIO4) is offered at LSC-Montgomery. For more information, please contact the Biotechnology Department.

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Program Description

For students with an AS or BS degree in the natural sciences, LSC-Montgomery offers an advanced technical certificate (ATC) in biotechnology. Students who have taken the prerequisite courses in chemistry and biology can complete the Biotechnology ATC in one year. The program requires only seven courses, including an internship, and thus allows students rapid entry into the biotech workforce.

Students with the appropriate level of prior training may elect to take individual courses within the biotechnology core, with the exception of the internship course. A student, for example, may take the Molecular Biology Techniques course (BITC 2441) to gain skills in that area.

The LSC-Montgomery Biotechnology Institute (MCBI) was created to establish a point of contact for all biotechnology training inquiries. The Institute's goal is to prepare students for all levels of entry into the biotechnology industry. The MCBI functions to identify and meet biotechnology industry training needs, recruit students using a variety of outreach programs, help retrain workers changing careers through the Biotechnology ATC, and partner with four-year programs.

Please e-mail, call 936.273.7060 for more information.

Program Plan

First Year Credits

Course Number Title Credits
BITC 1402 Biotechnology Lab Methods & Techniques 4
BIOL 2411 Biotechnology Lab Instrumentation 4
BITC 2416 Genetics 4
BITC 1191 Special Topics in Biotechnology 1
BITC 2431 Cell Culture Techniques 4
BITC 2441 Molecular Biology Techniques 4
BITC 1191 Special Topics in Biotechnology 1
BITC 2486 Internship 4

TOTAL Credits for Biotechnology Advanced Technical Certificate:


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