Equity Analytics & Reporting

The department of Equity Analytics and Reporting develops diversity reports for various stakeholders to promote mindfulness in the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the college. Reports include both standard and customized reports. Read about the various services we offer through this department below.

Service Description
Search Committee Training Part 2 Search Committee Training Part 2 was added to the required search committee training in September 2019. The purpose of this added requirement is to ensure search committee members are aware of the importance of objectivity and sensitivity during the search process.
Candidate Evaluation Rubric Analysis A candidate evaluation rubric analysis is conducted to identify components that could activate biases and provide recommendations for addressing a commitment to diversity. Candidate evaluation rubrics include:
  • Resume Evaluation Rubric
  • Phone Interview and/or Face-to-Face Interview Questions
  • Teaching Demonstration
  • Presentation Prompt
Recruitment Diversity Data Report Hiring Managers and Search Committee Chairs can submit requests for diversity data at various stages of the hiring process. The purpose of this report is to provide context and awareness of opportunities to diversify the department.
DEI Candidate Matrix The DEI Candidate Matrix is an internal control used to promote a fair and equitable selection process. The DEI Candidate Matrix is a concerted effort to increase parity in candidate pools as they move through the candidate search process.

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