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LSC-University Park Engineering Technology Department

In the field of Engineering Technology, Lone Star College-University Park offers an Automated Manufactured Technician degree and certificate, a Petroleum Field Service Technician degree and certificate, and a Field Service Technician certificate.

Engineering technicians design, operate and maintain products that require a working knowledge of both mechanical and electronic components. Technicians working in automated technology positions complete highly technical tasks that require engineering skills and knowledge. Interdisciplinary fields of engineering are rapidly developing to address the design, operation and maintenance of products that require a working knowledge of both mechanical and electronic components.
During their time at LSC-University Park, our students learn how to install and maintain production oil field service equipment, robots, automated manufacturing machines, oil field pumps, gas pumps, and security systems through a combination of classroom and training scenarios. Engineering technicians are required to work on and with equipment integrating electronics,. These programs teach a combination of skills that prepare students to perform many different jobs using their skills in electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and computer controls. Courses in the program include Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Print Reading, DC-AC Circuits, Electricity Principles, Motor Controls, Programmable Controllers, Principles of Automatic Control, Industrial Electronics, Industrial Automation and Robotics.
Each course in the program uses hands-on training materials that present real world scenarios requiring students to use parts and systems to show their skills and technique. Our faculty possess decades of experience with companies such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Brown and Root, Shell, Rockwell and Conoco Phillips and bring that experience to the classroom each day.

Steven Kahla, Ph.D.
Office: EMI. 155

Gary Tucker
Department Chair
Office: B13. 868

John E. Skopak
Office: EMI. 157

William J. Sullivan
Office: EMI. 156

Office: EMI. 153
Office: NRB. 209I

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