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FIE Award Recipients 2008-2009

Austria and Czech Republic

Todd Miller, LSC-Kingwood
The exploration grant will be used to pre-visit musical-historical sites in preparation for the Music Appreciation Tour that will take place May 22-31, 2009. The tour will explore significant locations of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Smetana and Dvorak.  Cities on the tour include Salzburg and Vienna, Austria, and Prague, Czech Republic.  A secondary purpose of the FIE is to scout potential locations for a future LSC-K choir tour to Europe.

Austria, Switzerland, France, England

Debra Parish, LSC-Tomball
The focus will be an exploration of European cultures that influenced the origins of psychology. 
The itinerary includes visits to the Sigmund Freud Museum, the Carl Jung Institute and Salpetriere Hospital.  Information gathered and visuals created will enrich classroom discussions of the history and theories of psychology.   The potential for further study abroad will be assessed.


Steffani Frideres, LSC-Tomball
This trip will be a research trip to view and study historical photographic processes. Once, many of these techniques, were considered obsolete, but are reliving a renaissance because of the advent of digital vs. analogue changes. This research will be completed at The Victoria Albert museum in London England.

Hong Kong

Tony Fuller, LSC-Montgomery
Initially, the study findings will be used to expand and update the international business etiquette and practices section of Business Speech 1321.  Secondly, the study will explore the possibility of creating an international internship program for Lone Star College students in Hong Kong.  Finally, the study will explore the possibility of developing a faculty exchange program with The City University of Hong Kong.


Mari Omori, LSC-Kingwood
The purpose of traveling to Japan is to explore a working method of repetition from my dual cultural perspective.  I will be an artist-in-resident in Mino, Japan, a village with a 1300 year old tradition of hand made paper.  My research includes visual and audio documentation of residency experiences, curatorial work based on the outcome of my research, and discussing future art exchange programs between the US and Japan. The experience of living in and working with the rural art community in Mino will focus on the idea of the harmonious relationships between the following concepts: tradition vs innovation, personal vs public, east vs west, and nature vs culture.


Sandra Grebe, LSC-CyFair
The reason for my travel is to gain knowledge about Madagascar, which has an incredible and unique  biodiversity that cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Due to its geographical isolation it is considered to be a "laboratory of evolution". I intend to view and photograph the endemic species as well as observe the human impact on the ecosystem. It will be an experience to observe, first hand, species that have been isolated from continents for millions of years.


Claire Phillips and Ruben Howard, LSC-CyFair
A joint venture between the business and logistics departments at Lone Star College Cy-Fair, this trip is designed to research international trade practices between Mexico and the United States. While in Monterey, participants will meet with their counterparts at the Technological Institute to solidify plans for a long-term student exchange program and will also visit local manufacturing plants to study logistics, customs and manufacturing practices. They will also visit Tampico, a key Mexican port city, where they will investigate their logistics program, comparing and contrasting it to practices at the Houston Port.

Sergio Sarmiento and Elise Sheppard, LSC-CyFair
To develop a unique partnership between geology and the library through the exploration of geological field sites and geological library resources in Mexico. The exploration includes finding suitable geological field areas and their corresponding library support resources in Mexico. The overall effect will be the enhancement of the entire Lone Star College System library geology collection, the possibility to establish new academic collaborative projects with Mexican institutions and the internationalization of geology courses. 

Visit Sergio's Faculty Home Page: and Elise's Travel Blog:

Heather Gamber, LSC-CyFair and Yvonne Stallings, LSC-Montgomery 
The purpose of this trip is to study the contributions of the Mayan civilization to mathematics and astronomy. The ruins of Chichen Itza, Mayapan, and Uxmal, the astronomical observatory El Caracol, and the Regional Archaeological Museum in Merida will be visited. The results of this study will be incorporated into a variety of math courses with the goal of helping Hispanic students increase their awareness of the contributions their forefathers made to mathematics and astronomy.


Eric Sims, LSC-North Harris
During my travels, I will research and gather information for developing a study abroad course focusing on Spain art and culture for Lone Star College students. In addition, my research, collection, and development of new material will aid in the internationalizing one or more of the courses I teach.

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