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Government Document Check Out Procedures

The Library’s primary users are the students, faculty and staff of Lone Star College-North Harris. In addition, we serve the citizens of North Harris County and the region. Access to the Library is open to all, and no restrictions are placed upon who may use Federal publications in all formats in the Library. All Government Documents (including fiche) can circulate unless prohibited by the Check-out module. Borrowing privileges for circulating materials are extended to:
• NHC faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
• Local residents, upon qualifying for a borrower’s card.
Loan periods and fine amounts are consistent with similar materials in the Library’s other collections. The borrower will be responsible for all fines accrued.

Procedures for Checking out Government Documents

Steps for checking out Government Documents for Circulation Staff:

If the Document has a barcode, check out the Document as a circulating item. Reference Librarian “pink” permission slips are no longer needed.

• If the Document has a blue label with red lettering that says “Reference,” the Document cannot be checked out and must be used in the library. Not all “Reference” Documents are currently labeled. If the Horizon Circulation module states that the item cannot circulate, instruct the borrower that it must be used in the library.

• If the Document does NOT have a barcode nor a blue “Reference” label, proceed to look up the barcode:
o Open the Horizon “Searching” screen.
o Click on “New Search.”
o Click “U. S. Government Call Number (SuDoc) Search” and input SuDoc number found in the upper left-hand corner of the document in the “Search for:” box.
o You should retrieve only one document. If there is more than one document retrieved, check the title and the year on the document and highlight the correct document.
o Click “Show Copies” from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

• There are three types of Government Document barcodes:
Most recent Documents have a regular NHC Library item barcode. The barcode should be listed in the center of the window below “Status” as:

Guatemala, a country study/Foreign Area
Call # Circulating U.S. Documents
D 101.22:550-78/2
      Checked In

The barcode may also be listed as a “-“ with a 5 or 6 digit number as “-240521” or it may have “gov” before a 6 digit number as “gov795852.” If they are in the Circulating collection, either may be checked out.
o If you find the red, handwritten “control number,” you can search for the document in the “Control Number Browse” field. Be sure to verify the bibliographic information to make sure that the handwritten number matches the material to be checked out.
o If the SuDoc number cannot be found in the catalog, contact a Reference Librarian for assistance.

Please write the barcode on the cover in the upper right-hand corner (or on the first page opposite the front cover) when you check out the document to the borrower. It is easier for staff members to check in Documents with the barcode written on the document; otherwise time will be wasted looking up the SuDoc number a second time to find the barcode.

If the document is either a microform or a pamphlet going out on request, place it in the manila mailer labeled with the blue contact form attached to the front. Place it in the appropriate mail bin in the workroom.

If the document is either a microform or a pamphlet being checked out from NHC to an onsite patron, place it in the manila mailer with the white DATE DUE label in the lower right hand corner. Write in the appropriate date due information. 

Procedures for Checking in Government Documents

Procedures for Checking in Government Documents If the document was returned to the library in a manila envelope, remove the document and continue with the Check-in procedures. Government Documents shall be Checked-In as other library materials. After the item has cleared the borrower’s account, the document should be placed in the “Government Basket” located in the workroom mail corner.

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