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Library Staff Directory by Job Title - LSC-CyFair

See also: Library Staff Directory - Alphabetical

Library Director:
Susan Green, susan.e.green@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3242

Staff Assistant:
Nicole Grande-Gibson, nicole.m.grande@lonestar.edu, 281.290.5272

Circulation Services

Circulation Program Manager:
Diona West, diona.r.west@lonestar.edu, 281.290.5277

Circulation Specialist:
Valerie Houchin, valerie.m.houchin@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210

Circulation Assistants:
Laurie Bayern, laurie.bayern@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Huyen Doan, huyen.n.doan@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Reyna Green, reyna.green@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Beverly Norris, beverly.i.norris@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Dee Perera, deegodage.p.perera@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Eliza Priest, eliza.e.priest@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Glenna Trujillo, glenna.a.trujillo@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Jacqueline Walden, jacqueline.r.brady@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Casey Wang, casey.j.wang@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210

Part-Time Circulation Assistants:
Letha Beasley, letha.beasley@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
David Brown, david.brown@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Toni Mogollon, toni.n.mogollon@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210
Anne Walker, anne.walker@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3210

Children's Services

Assistant Director for Children's Services:
Paula Gonzales, paula.m.gonzales@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3467
Office: LRNC 132A

Children's Librarians:
Krissy Conn, kristen.s.conn@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3251
Office: LRNC 101H
Jennifer Crouse, jennifer.e.crouse@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3914
Office: LRNC 101D
Missy Dixon, melissa.m.dixon@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3211
Office: LRNC 101G

Part-Time Children's Librarians:
Nancy Ambrose, nancy.ambrose@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3211
Jesse Javillonar, jesse.javillonar@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3211
Joel Palomares, joel.palomares@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3211
Laura Poff, laura.a.poff@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213

Children's Assistants:
Leah Stark, leah.j.stark@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3211
Anna Vera-Robles, anna.d.vera-robles@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3211

Part-Time Children's Assistants:
Lucy Abbott, lucille.abbott@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3211
Sammie Echavez, samantha.echavez@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3211
Usha Dontharaju, usha.dontharaju@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213

Reference Services

Assistant Director for Adult Services & Staff Training
Claire Gunnels, claire.b.gunnels@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3241
Office: LRNC 101F

Instruction Librarian
Lauren Dodd, lauren.dodd@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3551
Office: CASA 220N
Jane Stimpson, jane.d.stimpson@lonestar.edu, 832.482.1065
Office: CASA 225R

Online Instruction Librarian
Dorrie Scott, dorothea.g.scott@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3416
Office: CASA 325I

Teen Librarian
Tracy Williams, tracy.l.williams@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3243
Office: CASA 325R

Reference Librarians:
Rose Botkin, rose.l.botkin@lonestar.edu, 281.290.5937
Office: TECH 100P
Brad Dobos, bradford.dobos@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3973
Office: TECH 200P
Rachel Evans, rachel.evans@lonestar.edu, 281.290.5254
Office: CASA 320M
Rachel Hugenberg, rachel.hugenberg@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3515
Office: CASE 214B
Bronwyn Sutherland, bronwyn.sutherland@lonestar.edu, 832.745.5027
Office: CASA 220F
Regina Vitolo, regina.e.vitolo@lonestar.edu, 281.290.5250
Office: ARTS 113M
Melanie Wachsmann, melanie.s.wachsmann@lonestar.edu, 281.290.5917
Office: CASA 320T

Part-Time Reference Librarians:
Valerie Davis, valerie.b.davis@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213
Tona Espel, maria.a.espel@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213
Liz Nebeker, elizabeth.d.nebeker@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213
Pam Panettiere, pamela.k.panettiere@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213
Susan Seiffert, susan.a.seiffert@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213

Reference Assistants:
Cindy Hoffart-Watson, cynthia.j.hoffart-watson@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3265
Jill Vu, jill.c.vu@lonestar.edu, 281.290.5271

Part-Time Reference Assistant:
Jackie Poblete, jacqueline.p.poblete@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213
Paula Martin, paula.martin@lonestar.edu, 281.290.3213

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Maintained by: D. Scott-Reference Librarian

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