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Coronavirus Update

Important Dates
Registration for Summer and Fall classes is now open
Priority Decision Date for Financial Aid applications is June 4
Facilities open June 1 to only designated employees and students whose courses have not been fully converted to online delivery
LSC Services Resources continue to be provided online

Emergency Assistance Now Available
CARES Act Emergency Financial Grants available to students to help cover expenses related to disruptions due to COVID-19.
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Evaluating Information Checklist

DIRECTIONS: Click the response that best characterizes a specific information source (e.g., web page, periodical article, government document, or book) and this automatically-scoring checklist will help you rate whether the source provides useful support for class-related research.


1. Information about the author and/or sponsor of this material in the source itself? Yes (1 pt.)
No (0 pt.)
2. Information verifies that they are knowledgeable about the topic or that they consulted experts? Yes (4 pt.)
No (0 pt.)
3. Information sources cited in the text and/or in a list? Yes (2 pt.)
No (0 pt.)

Total Reliability Points


1. Does the title or other information suggest that this material primarily presents facts (e.g., research study, charts, graphs, and/or statistics, etc.)? Yes (2 pt.)
No (0 pt.)
2. Does the title or other information suggest that this material includes opinion with valid and reliable support materials (e.g., teacher citing research studies that suggest year-round schooling is detrimental to children)? Yes (2 pt.)
No (0 pt.)
3. Does the author and/or sponsor include different viewpoints or opinions about an issue? Yes (2 pt.)
No (0 pt.)
4. Does the information meet your expectations? (e.g., contents match the title) Yes (1 pt.)
No (0 pt.)

Total Content Points

1. Date listed in the information source that relates to the timeliness of material being presented?  Yes (1 pt.)
No (0 pt.)
2. Source include information that is still useful and/or valid?  Yes (2 pt.)
No (0 pt.)

Total Currency Points

1. Does this information seem to support my topic thesis? Yes (2 pt.)
No (0 pt.)
2. Can I understand this information without having special training or education? Yes (2 pt.)
No (0 pt.)
3. Does this information include sufficient topic detail to be useful? Yes (2 pt.)
No (0 pt.)

Total Appropriateness Points



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