Diversity and Inclusion at LSC-Montgomery

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LSC-Montgomery Diversity Council

In 2017, Lone Star College-Montgomery established a Diversity Council, made up of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The purpose of this council is to help shape and define what “diversity” is at Lone Star College-Montgomery.

Committee Members

Co-chair: Natalie Foreman-Wynn
Co-chair: Dr. Juan Lebron
Co-chair: Kendra Johnson

Dr. Sara Chapman Dr. De'Reese Reid-Hart
Shuang Zhao Michele Richey
Lynnette Dempsey Kaitlin Long
Michael Maningas Latricia Kokuma
Karen Jones Kirk Cochran

Student Advocates

**To be considered.

Programs and Initiatives

Our commitment to providing all students opportunities to find student resources that best support them academically and professionally. The following student services are offered at LSC-Montgomery:

Academics Honors College
Advising LGBTQ Initiatives
Appeals Student Nurses Organization (SNO)
Campus Police Student Life
Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success Rotaract Club
Counseling Testing Center
Crucial Conversations  
Crisis Intervention  

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