Program Review

The purpose of program review at Lone Star College System is to systemically examine programs. Several quality indicators have been identified, including 10 core indicators, 11 workforce program indicators, and 6 program-specific indicators. The review relies on some pre-existing information sources, such as reports to the THECB, and some new information sources, including surveys of students, graduates, former students, employers and advisory committees.

The review process is a joint responsibility of program and district staff. Programs are reviewed on a four-year cycle, and new programs are reviewed after at least two years of data have accumulated.

  • Data on workforce credit programs is provided by the Office of Research and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Program Review Process (Word document)
  • Quality Indicators - list of indicators and measures used in Program Review (Word document)
  • Timeline - This timeline includes deadlines and responsible participants for each step in the program review process.
  • Current four-year cycle of programs for review
  • FAQs - Frequently asked questions about program review and the quality indicators tables.

Please contact if you have concerns about your individual program's schedules.

Programs to be reviewed 2012-2013

Accounting  x    x  x   ACCT, ACNT
Automotive Tech      x  x   AUMT
Gaming    x      x GAME
Geographic Information Systems  x         GISC
Business/Management  x  x  x  x  x BMGT, BUSG,BUSI,HRPO, IBUS, MRKG
Medical Assisting  x      x   MDCA, ECRD
Occupational Therapy Assistant    x      x OTHA
Physical Therapy Assistant      x     PTHA

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