Digital Photography Enhanced Skills CertificateEnhanced Skills Certificate


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First Semester Courses 6 Credits
PHTC 1311 Fundamentals of Photography 3
PHTC 2349 Photo Digital Imaging II 3
Second Semester Courses 6 Credits
PHTC 2301 Intermediate Photography 3
PHTC 1345 Illustrative Photography I 3
Digital Photography Enhanced Skills Certificate Program Total 12 Credits


  1. Capstone Course


Program Details

Courses in the 3D Animation Track focus on creating 3D Objects, Characters, Environments and animations for gaming, medical, product and architectural visualization, interactive multimedia presentations, TV broadcast and theatrical special effects. Companies that hire 3D Animators include motion picture studios, video game production companies, corporate training and marketing departments, advertising firms, video production companies, architectural firms, medical agencies and self-employment.

This optional certificate program is available to students pursuing the Visual Communication AAS and desire to develop skills in digital photography. Completion of curriculum and awarding of certificate are concurrent with the Visual Communication AAS degree.

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