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Transfer Resources & Articulation Services

Lone Star College (LSC) strives to help students achieve LSC-Success – Learn, Succeed, Complete goals to earn an associate degree, earn a Career & Continuing Education Credential, and transfer to a four-year university.  Many transfer degree programs and resources are available to assist students with the transfer process.  Transfer Degree Maps and Students Benefits are excellent tools for the transfer student as they plan for transfer.  Follow the steps to Transfer to a University and meet with an LSC Transfer Advisor to discuss the academic programs and transfer initiatives to transition to the university.

Students may also consider transfer to one of the university partners at the LSC-University Center located at The Woodlands and LSC-University Park.  The University Center offers students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree in specific programs without leaving an LSC campus.

Transfer to a University

LSC Advisors, counselors, and faculty advisors will assist students in the planning process to select courses to meet specific degree plans. Currently enrolled students desiring to pursue a baccalaureate degree are strongly encouraged  to check with the institution to which he or she expects to transfer regarding transferability of courses and university transfer polices. The following transfer policies may be applicable to students transferring to the university:

Excess Credit Hours

Students who enroll in classes in excess of 30 hours beyond the baccalaureate degree plan may be required to pay out-of-state tuition rates for additional credits. Most baccalaureate degree plans are 120 hours, but students should check their intended degree at their transfer institution. Not all universities have the same policy for excess hours – students are encouraged to talk with their transfer institution if concerned about excess hours.

Transfer of Credit-Limit

Universities are not required to accept more than sixty-six (66) semester credit hours of lower-division academic credit. However, universities may choose to accept additional credit hours. Students are encouraged to check the policy of their transfer university while planning courses and transfer. Lone Star has partnerships with many universities that help to clarify transfer credit.

Six Course Drop Rule

An institution of higher education may not permit an undergraduate student to drop a total of more than six (6) courses. After the student has reached the six course drop limit, he/she will not be allowed to drop the course and will receive a grade for the course. This rule applies to students who first enrolled in Texas public university or college credit courses during or after fall 2007.

GPA and Grade Requirements

Colleges and universities have varying policies regarding grade-point average requirements and the transferability of a course for which the student received a “D” letter grade.  Many universities also establish minimum grade requirements for courses that are program specific. Students should carefully review all minimum grade requirements at their selected transfer institution.

Applying for Admission

Admission Applications to colleges and universities may be required three to six months prior to the start of the first semester for the student.  Researching and planning for the application process is a critical step to a seamless transfer to a university.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Each college and university has a satisfactory academic progress policy for financial aid purposes. Your college grade-point average, the percentage of successful completion of courses, and other criteria outlined by the college or university to determine you are progressing to degree completion in a timely manner may affect your eligibility for federal student aid.

University Center

The LSC-University Center offers junior, senior and graduate level classes through partnerships with several universities. Students who enroll with one of our partner universities at either the Montgomery or University Park locations are able to complete a bachelor's or master's degree (or teaching certficate) without traveling to the university campuses.



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