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LSC Scholarship Comes Full Circle

Nguyen Nguyen
Alumnus and donor Nguyen Nguyen

Nguyen Nguyen is a LSC success story come full circle. Nguyen started his journey at LSC-North Harris where he won the prestigious Jack Kent Cooke scholarship and completed his Bachelor's degree at Texas A&M University. Now a small business owner and LSC alumnus, Nguyen created a scholarship to help future Cooke scholarship finalists at Lone Star with additional expenses.

As one of only 85 winners nationwide, the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship provides up to $40,000 per year for each community college student to transfer into a four-year university in order to complete their Bachelor's degree. "It was a shocking moment for me when Dr. Head announced I was a Jack Kent Cooke recipient. I could not believe it and almost cried because I realized that my American dream came true," Nguyen said.

Experiencing firsthand the impact a donor can make on a student's life, Nguyen decided that he needed to pay it forward so he established the Hope for a Brighter Future scholarship for future Cooke scholarship finalists at Lone Star. "I understand how hard it is to go to school and be worried about the finances at the same time. If students cannot finish their two-year college, they will not be able to go to a four-year school. I hope this scholarship is a motivation for them to continue what they are doing. Also, I want them to understand that the harder they strive, the more successful they will be. There will be a bigger reward waiting for them ahead if they continue pushing harder," he said.

When asked what advice he had for people considering donating to Lone Star, he said, "At Lone Star College, students have many opportunities to discover their talents and future career. It is where all the big dreams start. Please consider this great opportunity because you will never imagine how significantly your gift could change someone else's life."

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