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Scholarship student to earn Masterís degree in France

Diego Ortiz Vigil
Diego Ortiz Vigil

Receiving a scholarship from Lone Star College Foundation reduces the financial and emotional burden of paying for college. This is especially true for international students who are ineligible for federal financial aid. International student Diego Ortiz Vigil earned several scholarships before graduating this past May Magna Cum Laude as an Honors College Merit Scholar from LSC-CyFair. The future civil engineer is now moving to France as part of an all-expense paid associate to master's degree transfer program in engineering.

"As an international student in the United States, I was expected to pay a lot of money for my tuition and fees, as well as for my living expenses. With time, this became burdensome for me and my family as our finances and initial plans started to turn another way. Receiving the different scholarships was a great relief for me and my family, as well as a significant push for me to continue performing well in my academics." Ortiz said.

By relieving the financial pressure, the honors student was able to focus on his studies and thrive in his new community. He said, "Receiving a scholarship from the foundation meant to me more than money. It meant support; it meant that I was also a part of the Lone Star community: it helped me see that my community really cared about me and my proper development!"

"We are so proud of all Diego's accomplishments while here at LSC-CyFair," said President Dr. Seelpa Keshvala. "He exemplifies the success our students can achieve when they take advantage of our advanced academic programs. Through his active engagement as a scholar and campus leader, I know he has the skills to be successful in this amazing experience that will positively impact his future."

Born into a family of engineers, Ortiz said he grew up playing the role of a constructor and simulating the life of a city as he built houses, bridges, roads, and other infrastructure with his toys. Now he's focused on the construction and design of megastructures, especially skyscrapers. Originally from El Salvador, Ortiz will travel to France to continue his engineering education at "n+i" Engineering Institutes after receiving their full scholarship.

While at LSC, Ortiz received a PBK Architects Endowment scholarship as well as scholarships for honors college students. "It is so exciting to hear about the students that we are able to help in their growth and the furthering of their education and we are honored to be able to play a small role in it." said Alan Stilts, Principal at PBK Architects.

"Though the effects of a contribution like such may not always be evident, it does make a great impact in the lives of the people who benefit from the scholarships of the Foundation." said Ortiz. When asked what he would say to his generous donors, he replied, "First of all, thank you. Your support has meant to me more than what you may think. If it wasn't because of your generous giving, I may never had all the different opportunities that I have had for my academic and professional development."

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