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Dr. Bob McCallister and his wife, Dottie

Dr. Bob McCallister and his wife, Dottie, are strong believers in education. Now retired, Bob was a professor at Purdue University before joining ExxonMobil in 1981, and Dottie was "Elementary Teacher of the Year" at Klein ISD. It is because of their strong beliefs in education that they give to Lone Star College Foundation.

The McCallisters created an endowment in memory of their daughter to help future nursing students. It is designated 'The Kathryn Ann McCallister Memorial Nursing Scholarship Endowment'. "We decided to honor her memory by giving deserving students a chance to get their nursing degree," he said.

Their daughter, Kathryn, earned her GED through LSC-North Harris and continued her education there, receiving an Associate Degree in Science and an Associate Degree in Nursing. She became a Registered Nurse. "Having been a professor, I knew how high the quality of education was," said Dr. McCallister. "I knew she was being taught by staff, including physicians, whose only interest was in providing an excellent educational experience for their students."

This nursing scholarship has already helped several students pursue their dreams of obtaining a quality education and successful career. One such student even wrote in her thank you letter, "If I were to ever feel like I meant something to someone and that my hard work, dedication, resilience, integrity, and tenacity mattered, it is now. Your scholarship has made me feel worthy of every trial and tribulation I have encountered. Your generosity has tightened my belt one more notch, allowing me to show my children and prove to myself, that you can do anything you desire if you put your heart into it."

When asked why they advocate for Lone Star College, he said, "We see Lone Star College and community colleges as the future of higher education". As a board member for several non-profits in Houston, Dr. McCallister sees the need first hand. "I don't think there's any better thing for all of us to do than help provide a high quality education for deserving individuals. Unfortunately in the Greater Houston Area there's a significant group of potential students who are very bright, but who can't afford a good education," he said.

Fortunately, Lone Star College is an affordable, quality choice for higher education, but many still need financial help. Your gift helps our future community leaders realize their full potential. CLICK HERE to give.

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