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ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Jeff Marshall returned to protect and serve

Officer Marshall (right) assists in a personal defense class for employees with Deputy Chief Sandra Joachim.
Office Marshall (right) assists in a personal defense class for employees with Deputy Chief Sandra Joachim.

Economic hardship may have prompted Jeff Marshall to enroll at Lone Star College, but his life-changing experience as a student prompted his return to LSC as an employee with the mission to protect and serve those who made such a big impact on his life.

"I felt it was divine inspiration that I seek enrollment at Lone Star College and complete my journey as a first-generation college graduate at the North Harris campus. Then, I received a double portion of inspiration which led me to enroll into the Police Academy offered through the Lone Star College Workforce Programs resulting in an awesome and sage producing experience as a first-generation Texas Peace Officer," said Marshall.

It was during his time as a student that Officer Marshall discovered his passion. "The experience that stood out to me the most during my time as a student was when I realized how caring, intelligent, diverse, and inclusive the Lone Star College staff and faculty was. I had the privilege of taking courses from some of the most genius, authentic, creative, and disciplined professors to exist. I knew their teachings and wisdom had prepared me to take on the world. As a bonus, my experience as a student worker in the Admissions Department at the North Harris Campus was the moment when I knew I wanted to have a career in higher education," he said.

After receiving his Associates degree, Officer Marshall briefly worked at Aldine ISD before returning to LSC-North Harris as a security guard. He then enrolled in Lone Starís Police Academy and has been employed at Lone Star College ever since.

Officer Marshall continued, "After an awesome experience as a student-worker, I was determined to return to LSC as a full-time employee because I believed in its vision and its culture. I wanted to serve, teach, and give in the same way I was inspired. Other companies were not interested in the same justice in such fashion. I am about family, education, and community building which is the mission of Lone Star College."

The mission of LSC police department is to "maintain a safe and secure environment where education can thrive." Students and employees can often catch Officer Marshall patrolling the grounds of LSC or helping promote campus safety. Officer Marshall epitomizes this mission.

"My favorite part of my job is having the privilege of serving and protecting our diverse population of students, as well as our diverse staff and faculty of creative geniuses as they inspire, teach, and lead our community and the next generation. In this position, I have met so many talented and beautiful people from the ground keepers who help create peace through the maintenance of our lands and buildings to the Board of Trustees, Chancellor, and Presidents who ensure that we have everything we need to secure the best experience for everyone at Lone Star College with a shared goal of producing the nation's best. I can be proud when everyone feels safe and secure enough to enjoy the wonderful experience of the college life," he said.

When not working, Officer Marshall enjoys spending time with his family, DJ'ing, and volunteer coaching at the YMCA.

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