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Sanitizing supplies donated to LSC Police Department

Policeman holding box of sanitizer and glovesA big shout-out and THANK YOU to Cheryl Roberts, owner of NW Digital Works who generously donated a huge box of sanitizers, gloves and wipes to the LSC police department, represented here by Chief Paul Willingham. "We were just very thankful and blessed that our supplier was able to get this package out to us," says Cheryl. "Once he heard that it for the police officers and that Lone Star needed it for them he made sure to get it out right away. This was amazing because the next day they had to shut down the factory! We are dedicated to doing everything that we can to help our police, first responders and health providers that are risking their lives right now to keep us all safe." NW Digital Works is also a generous Celebration Circle sponsor of LSC Foundation events and we are proud to partner with such wonderful people!

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