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Alumni Spotlight: LSC was the perfect fit

Veronica Sanches

So many students today struggle to find the perfect fit when it comes to balancing college courses, jobs, and career aspirations. Veronica Sanches found that Lone Star College provided a perfect fit for her as she earned her Associate degree while working and now oversees a $10 million budget for East Aldine Management District.

Then known as North Harris Montgomery Community College, Veronica was the first in her family to attend college after graduating from MacArthur High School. While attending classes, she also became a LSC employee, first as a student assistant, then part-time assistant with the LSC Police Department, and later a full-time Administrative Assistant for the Office of Emergency Management for LSC.

In addition to the work/school balance Veronica found at LSC, she says it was the professors that made it a perfect fit for her. "My most memorable experience was my college algebra and geology classes. I remember thinking these were going to be my most difficult classes, but the way the professors taught was something I will never forget. It was them being passionate about each student's accomplishments that made me continue in my educational goals," she said.

Sanches ultimately earned her bachelor's degree from Sam Houston State University and is now Director of Services for East Aldine Management District. The District works to enhance the social and economic well being of Aldine which is also home to LSC's East Aldine Center. East Aldine Management District is an ardent, long time supporter of LSC Foundation and Sanches' colleague, Richard Cantú serves on the Foundation board.

As Veronica simply put, "It all started with LSC being my home away from home. The classes were just the right size, the professors were always helpful and LSC helped with my transition to my four-year college. LSC was part of my "growing years." LSC has always been a part of my life from a student to my first full-time job."

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