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Emergency Funds help many in need


Although Lone Star College offers affordable tuition, there are many who might have their dreams of a college education derailed due to a minor emergency or lack of funds for textbooks. LSC Foundation offers emergency funding to students and employees to help keep them on track.

In fact, every campus, including the system office, have dedicated emergency funds set up to help students and employees. Applications are reviewed by the appropriate President, Vice Chancellor or Campus Faculty Senate. There is also an emergency book fund at each college. These funds are provided through donations by LSC employees and community members. More than $220,000 was raised in just the last year to support these funds. CLICK HERE to hear more about how the book fund impacts students.

There have also been occasions, such as after a devastating hurricane or ice storm, that generous donors from the community and the Chancellor's office were able to provide emergency assistance to students and employees who suffered damages to their homes or missed paychecks due to closed places of employment. After the recent winter storm, LSC Foundation awarded assistance to more than 3,300 students and 300 employees.

If you are interested in donating to one of these funds, please CLICK HERE. Just select the appropriate collegesí President Support Fund or Faculty Senate Support Fund. Faculty Senate and Presidents' Support funds award student emergency assistance for that college and the "LSC-System Employee Assistance Program" benefits LSC employees.

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