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Long-time volunteer Donna Hammett shares her experience

Donna Hammett
Donna Hammett

"When the call for volunteers goes out - Donna Hammett is one of the first to sign up and is always at an event from start to finish," said LSC Foundation Director of Special Events Laura Brown. "She is a strong advocate for LSC Foundation - anything that needs to be done she will make sure it gets done. We are beyond grateful for her time and dedication to being a volunteer."

For the past decade, LSC employee Donna Hammett has graciously volunteered for LSC Foundation including at the annual golf tournaments and StarGalas. "Whether it is helping at the Golf Tournament, StarGala, or on a Student Scholarship committee, I love to have a small part in helping our students and supporting the Foundation," said Hammett. "My favorite thing is working with the amazing team that LSC Foundation has built over the years. There is a sense of purpose when we are all working together towards a common goal, to help our students create a future full of possibilities."

LSC Foundation relies on hundreds of volunteers every year to help fulfill its mission to change lives through student scholarships and quality educational programs achieved by excellence in relationship building, fundraising, and investment management. "Small amounts of time among many people can make an incredible impact. Whether you can give a couple hours or more, the Foundation provides opportunities for personal growth and friendships all while having fun and fulfilling dreams for students." Hammett said.

Having a supportive community of volunteers is part of that relationship building because LSC Foundation volunteers can see their impact firsthand and also be its biggest cheerleaders. "Not all of us who work for Lone Star College have direct contact with the students who walk our campuses. I work in the Treasury department at the System Office, so there are many of us who don't get to see our students and miss that valuable connection. Lone Star College Foundation provides volunteer opportunities that has helped me to fulfill that need," Hammett said.

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer for LSC Foundation! Whether you like to volunteer at fundraising events, perform office duties, or solicit great auction items, there is always something fun and important to do! To learn more, please contact LSC Foundation.