Ways of Giving

Planned Giving

Thank you for considering a planned gift to the Lone Star College Foundation. To maximize your income, capital gains and estate tax savings, you may wish to plan your donation in one of the following forms:


If you would like to contribute to the LSC Foundation in the future through a bequest in your will or revocable trust, please contact the Foundation for details, or complete the form following. Any donor who designates our organization in their will or trust will be a part of our Legacy Circle. This donation will support the LSC Foundation tomorrow and for many years to come.

Life Insurance

A donor may give a paid-up life insurance policy to the Lone Star College Foundation, naming the Foundation as both owner and irrevocable beneficiary. You may also choose to give a life insurance policy that is not paid up if the Foundation is assured there is a reasonable expectation that the donor will continue to make gifts that will be at least equal to the cost of the premium of the policy.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This form of giving enables you to make a charitable gift, while enjoying a tax deduction, removing taxable assets form your estate and generating income for yourself, your family or anyone else you choose - for life or for a specified period. There are two types of charitable remainder trusts. A unitrust provides income based on a set percentage of the trust principal that is chosen by you at the outset. An annuity trust provides a fixed dollar income that is chosen by you at the outset.

Charitable Lead Trust

The trustee of the Charitable Lead Trust pays the income of the trust to the Lone Star College Foundation and, at the end of a fixed period of time, the trust corpus is transferred to a non-charitable beneficiary. These gifts can produce dramatic gift and estate tax savings, providing a way for you to be both philanthropic and preserve assets for your family and other heirs.

Charitable Gift Annuity

This is a contract between you and the Lone Star College Foundation that provides a gift from the donor and annuity payments to the donor. The Lone Star College Foundation will gratefully accept your donation in the form of cash, checks, securities, real estate, personal property and bequests in your will. Members of the Lone Star College Foundation staff can assist you and your attorney or financial planner in deciding which planned gift opportunity will be most beneficial to you and the Lone Star College Foundation. Unless you choose to restrict a planned gift or create a restricted endowment, all planned gifts will become part of the Lone Star College Foundation's restricted endowment upon maturity. The restricted endowment, at the discretion of the Foundation Board of Directors, will be used for any of the charitable purposes of the Lone Star College Foundation.

Request Details for Planned Gift

Please complete the form below and a Foundation staff member will contact you. Thank you!


Thank you for considering a gift to the Lone Star College Foundation. The Foundation is here to offer general information to a donor who is considering a donation to the college. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donors should obtain their own expert assistance in planning and making a gift to the Foundation, including advice from their own legal, tax and investment advisor(s).

It is the responsibility of the Foundation Office to officially record, receipt and acknowledge gifts to the School. Gifts will be processed through the Foundation Office and receipts and acknowledgments will be mailed to the donor within two weeks of receipt.

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