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2011-2012 Catalog Addendem

2011-2012 Catalog

Heading (pages 1-10)

  • Calendar 11/12 - fall term, 2011 (page 8) - Add the following dates for the Winter Mini-mester: Winter Holidays for Mini-Term  December 25-26 and Jan. 1-2 
  • Calendar 11/12 - summer term, 2012 (page 9) - The 2nd summer term is listed as July 12 Aug. 16.  It should be listed as July 12 Aug. 19. 

 Accreditations and Memberships (pages 11-13)

General Information (pages 14-23)

Admissions (pages 24-27)

  • Admissions Procedures for International Students (page 27) - Under paragraph #3, the text in the 6th bulleted item should be removed and replaced with the following statement:  International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 7.0 or higher. Test scores are valid for 2 years.

Registration (pages 28-37)

  • Student Success Course (page 34) - Replace the first paragraph on page 34 with the following text.  Effective August 2011, first time in college (FTIC) students who have placed into two or more developmental areas are required to take EDUC 1300.  FTIC students who place into two or more developmental areas but do not meet the reading and writing prerequisites for this course are required to enroll in HUMD 0330, 0101, 0111, 0114. 

Financial Information and Assistance (pages 38-59)

Records, Policies, and Procedures (pages 60-63)

  • Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions (Page 61) - First paragraph, 5th sentence should be changed to the following.  The criteria for transfer from regionally accredited institutions and non-regionally accredited institutions is on the Web site LoneStar.edu/transfer-into-lsc.htm.

Academic Policies, Procedures, and Services (pages 64-73)

  • Academic Accountability (page 66) - The second bulleted item, Cumulative Credit GPA), should read as follows. "Includes grades earned in all credit classes at LSCS (does not include developmental courses)."

Student Development Programs and Services (pages 74-77)

Graduation Requirements(pages 78-83)

Academic Transfer (pages 84-93)

  • Music Field of Study (page 89) - Remove the following statement above the footnotes. This requirement no longer applies. "Students must also complete the core competency test in computer skills rather than taking the credit class that develops those skills."

Workforce Degrees and Certificates (pages 94-101)

  • Requirements for the associate of applied science degree (page 99) - Footnote #1 should be changed to the following: "Students must meet TSI requirements. See page 31-32 of the catalog for details."

Degrees and Certificates  (pages 102-181)

  • For all associate of applied science degree plans found on pages 102-181:  Remove the following footnote if included after the degree plan. "If science option is chosen, math competency must be met (Math 0308 or higher)." Replace with the following statement. "Students must meet TSI requirements. See page 31-32 of the current catalog for details."

  • Chassis and Electrical Technician Specialization Certificate (page 106) and Power Train and Driveability Technician Specialization Certificate (pages 106-107) - Course title for AUMT 2328 should be changed from "Automotive Brake Systems" to "Automotive Service" effective fall, 2011.

  • Engineering Design Graphics Technology (page 125) - New Engineering Technician AAS degree, Engineering Technician Certificate and Engineering Technician Assistant Certificate approved for LSC-North Harris and  LSC-CyFair for fall, 2011.

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology Specialization (page 126) - Effective fall, 2011, add speech elective to be chosen from SPCH 1311, SPCH 1315, or SPCH 1321.

  • Physician Office-Based Coding Certificate (page 134) - Effective spring, 2012, remove POFM 2310 and replace with HITT 1342.

  • Interpreter Training Technology (page 141) - The first year speech elective should be a 3 credit SPCH course chosen from the communication component of the academic core.
  • Mechatronics Technology (page 146-147) - MSA Mechatronics Technology, Mechatronics Technology Level I and Level II certificates are deactivated at LSC-North Harris and LSC-CyFair effective fall, 2011. New students may not enter this program beginning fall, 2011. MSA Oil Field Service Technician will be moved from the Mechatronics program to the new Engineering Technician program effective fall, 2011. New CIP Code for this MSA is 15.0612 - Industrial Technology.
  • Pharmacy Technology (pages 163-165) - At the end of the Pharmacy Technology program description, add the following information.  "Progression Requirements: Once admitted to the pharmacy technology program, students must attain a grade of C or better in each pharmacy technology course to progress to the next semester, continue to be enrolled in the program, and to meet graduation requirements."
  • Digital Photography Enhanced Skills Certificate (page 179) - Change the sentence preceding the course listing to the following: This program is for AAS graduates in the Visual communication or students concurrently enrolled in the Visual Communication AAS and this enhanced skills certificate who wish to develop skills in digital photography.
  • Welding Technology Specialization (page 180) - The first year speech elective should be a 3 credit SPCH course chosen from the communication component of the academic core.  This is a correction to footnote #4.

Course Changes

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