Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP)

Lone Star College (LSC) is committed to providing its students and employees a drug and alcohol-free workplace and learning environment. Toward that end, LSC prohibits the unlawful possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of unauthorized drugs and alcohol in the workplace, on the campuses, or at any LSC activities. LSC, including each of its colleges and centers, shall provide a safe, responsive environment for all students and employees. There are many people whose job, academic performance, and productivity are adversely affected by their dependence on drugs and alcohol.

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Policy and Procedure

LSC requires all students and employees to adhere to applicable policies and procedures.

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Drugs and Alcohol Standards of Conduct

LSC policy prohibits the unlawful possession, use, distribution, or manufacture of illicit drugs and/or alcohol on the campus and at System sponsored events.

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Health Risks

There are many health risks due to use of drugs and alcohol.

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Disciplinary and Legal Sanctions

All LSC students and employees are expected to comply with federal, state, and local drug and alcohol laws as well as LSC policies and procedures.

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