Students are responsible for paying charges by the payment due date. Students not paying by the due date may be dropped from their classes. Go to myLoneStar to make a payment or set up a payment plan. Please note the College only accepts payments for tuition and fees for the current academic terms for which charges can be assessed. Due to banking requirements, funds submitted in excess of outstanding balances may result in the payment being rejected and returned to the payer in its entirety. Excess payments over $1,000 of the student's tuition and fee balance may be rejected even if the funds are intended for books, supplies, or living expenses. 

Upcoming Payment Due Dates:

*Please note that the 2024 May Mini deadline has been extended to May 10th due to the recent weather events.

May Mini 2024

*May 10th by 11PM, CST
Summer 2024

May 10th by 11PM, CST

Fall 2024

August 3rd by 11PM, CST

Winter Mini 2024

December 6th by 7PM, CST

Spring 2025

January 4th by 11PM, CST


Payment Deadline: Continuing Education payments must be made no later than 1 business day after registration or the student will be dropped from the course. Contact an advisor HERE to learn more about financial aid options and eligibility.
Refund Policy: Continuing Education students must officially withdraw one business day before class begins to receive a tuition refund. Partial refunds after the first day of class are not authorized for Continuing Education. Membership and lab fees are nonrefundable. If a student receives a refund check in error, please contact a Continuing Education office.

Yes, but you must pay for your classes in full or enroll in a payment plan before midnight of the next day. For example, if you register for a class on Monday as long as you pay all course related charges by Tuesday before midnight, your course will not be dropped. Failing to pay for your course charges by Tuesday 11:59 PM CST will result in a course drop. Please note payment plans are only available for Fall and Spring terms.

Paper bills are no longer mailed.

Contact your campus Cashier, Business, or Bursar Office if you need a paper copy of your bill.


Making Payments

Step 1: Complete the LSC Financial Responsibility Agreement. 

When a student newly enrolls in a term, the following verbiage related to their financial responsibility will appear.

This Agreement serves as an understanding and acknowledgment, prior to completion of enrollment, of the following:

  • By registering for classes at Lone Star College System, I acknowledge and agree that:
    • I am at least 18 years of age or the parent/legal guardian of a student under the age of 18.
    • I am financially responsible for all charges related to my/my minor student’s registration.
  • I understand that if I/my minor student decide(s) not to attend the courses, which I/my minor student am registering for, that it is my responsibility to drop the course(s) by the due date to avoid any financial liability.
  • I understand that if full financial payment and/or arrangement (financial aid or payment plan) has not been made by the start of class, a “hold” will be placed on my/my minor student’s student record restricting me/my minor student from registering or graduating until the account is paid in full.
  • I understand that I/my minor student may be dropped from all classes not paid in full by the due date.
  • I understand that if my/my minor student’s financial aid is reduced or cancelled, I am responsible for all charges on my account.
  • I understand that if my/minor student’s financial aid funds result in a credit balance, up to $200 can be used to pay prior year charges.
  • I understand that all monies owed to Lone Star College are considered educational loans which are owed to Lone Star College.
  • I understand that all official correspondence will be sent to me/my minor student via my myLoneStar email account.
  • I understand that Lone Star College System may use an automated calling system and a pre- recorded message to contact me by phone regarding any outstanding account I have to any phone or cell phone number I have provided to the college.
  • I understand that if any portion of my/my minor student’s account remains unpaid at the end of the semester, my account may be forwarded to a collection agency.
  • I understand that if the college does use a collection agency or take legal action for any account balance due, I will be responsible for all charges due on my account to the extent allowed by law. Charges may include, but are not limited to, a collection fee not exceeding 30% of the total amount due on my account, and/or litigation costs, or attorney’s fees.

Third Party Billing

I understand that if an outside entity is paying for my tuition, it is my responsibility to submit to the campus business/bursar’s office my third party agreement letter of credit before the first day of classes or I will be responsible for the outstanding balance.

  • I understand that I will be responsible for any charges that the third party does not pay.
  • I understand that any third party could affect any financial aid awards and result in an adjustment to the financial aid award.

Personal Information

I understand that it is my responsibility to notify Lone Star College of any changes to my name, Social Security Number, address, or phone numbers.

Each student must agree to these terms before enrollment is completed. These responsibilities remain in effect as long as the student is enrolled or has an outstanding balance due.

  • How to Complete Your Financial Responsibility Agreement in the Student Center: PDF / Video
  • How to Complete Your Financial Responsibility Agreement in the Student Center Using Your Phone: Video

Step 2: Select payment method(s).

Insider tip: Skip long lines and pay online! 

Collection Agency Fees

If obligations are not paid in full upon notification by the college, these debts may be referred to an outside collection agency and to appropriate credit bureaus.

Students are responsible for paying all collection fee charges, not to exceed 30% of the total amount due on the account, and any possible litigation costs or attorney's fees.

Furthermore, all unpaid obligations will result in a hold on student records, diplomas, and future registration activity.

For student account-related issues contact your campus Cashier, Business, or Bursar Office.

Other Account Actions

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