Tuition & Fees

2023-2024 Tuition & Fees

Fall 2024 Tuition & Fees

Attending Lone Star College is an affordable option for most students. LSC tuition rates are based on residency and you can get an estimate of your costs by using the chart below. If you need help paying your bill, financial aid and payment plans are available to most students.

In-District1 Out-of-District
Texas Resident2
1 $103 $231 $290
2 $206 $462 $580
3 $309 $693 $870
4 $412 $924 $1,160
5 $515 $1,155 $1,450
6 $618 $1,386 $1,740
7 $721 $1,617 $2,030
8 $824 $1,848 $2,320
9 $927 $2,079 $2,610
10 $1,030 $2,310 $2,900
11 $1,133 $2,541 $3,190
12 $1,236 $2,772 $3,480
13 $1,339 $3,003 $3,770
14 $1,442 $3,234 $4,060
15 $1,545 $3,465 $4,350
16 $1,648 $3,696 $4,640
17 $1,751 $3,927 $4,930
18 $1,854 $4,158 $5,220
19 $1,957 $4,389 $5,510
20 $2,060 $4,620 $5,800

Note: Minimum tuition rates are set by the state legislature and are subject to change by legislative action. Student tuition and fees are subject to change by the Lone Star College System Board of Trustees. Dual credit courses taught off-site will not be assessed a lab fee. Textbooks and lab fees vary by program.

1 In-District Texas Resident means an adult Texas resident living in the College’s taxing district boundaries on the census date in the semester in which the student enrolls. It can also mean a non-adult Texas resident whose parents or guardians live within those boundaries on the census date in the semester in which the student enrolls. It can also mean property owners, and their dependents, who pay the College’s property taxes and are Texas residents. It can also mean the College’s full-time employee’s immediate family members. Finally, it can also mean a Texas resident of the Acres Home Super Neighborhood attending the College’s Victory Center. Students are charged an in-district tuition rate of $103 per credit hour.


2Out-of-District Texas Resident means an adult Texas resident living outside the College’s taxing district boundaries on the official enrollment reporting date. It can also mean a non-adult Texas resident whose parents or guardians live outside those boundaries on the official enrollment reporting date. Students are charged an out-of-district tuition rate of $231 per credit hour.


3International/Out-of-State Residents means a person aged over 18 years who does not meet the Texas Resident definition (LSC Board Policy Manual Section VI.B.1.02(d)). This definition also includes persons aged less than 18 years whose parents or legal guardians resided outside of Texas for the 12 months before the applicable semester. Students are charged an out-of-state tuition rate of $290 per credit hour.


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Base Tuition

(per credit hour)
*Please note lab fees may be assessed for courses with a lab component. Lab fees vary by course.
** Base tuition will increase for Fall 2023.

Tuition by Term Fall 2023
In-District Base Tuition 





How we compare

College Tuition & Fees
Based on 12 Credit hours
Lone Star College $1,236
University of Texas-Austin $7,878
Texas A&M University $6,237
University of Houston $5,559
Stephen F. Austin State $5,899
Sam Houston State $4,554

Fee Schedule

Fee Name Cost
($8 per section, $10 Accuplacer Math)
Audit Charges equal to credit enrollment
CLEP, Credit by Exam posting fee $15

($10 Math or Essay Only, $20 ELAR Only)

Course/Competency Challenge Exam $25
Exam proctoring fee $25
International student insurance fee See advisor
Lab fees Varies by course
Liability insurance Varies by program
Payment plan administration fee
Payment plan late fee
(per past due payment occurrence)
Repeat course fee*
(per credit hour)
Returned check fee
(per check)
(new, used, or rental)
Varies by course
HESI exam $35
Transcript $9
Specialty fees: liability insurance, uniforms,
supplies, etc.
By program
Specialty fees: Portfolio evaluations $60

*Most courses repeated 3 or more times will be assessed an additional fee per credit hour.

Private Music Instruction

Applied Music (MUAP) Fees per Semester:
One 1/2 hour lesson per week - $90/semester
Two 1/2 hour lessons per week - $165/semester

CHI and Massage Therapy Programs

Lone Star College currently includes the price of required books and supplies in its Tuition and Fee charges for CHI and Massage Programs. LSC provides required books and supplies below the competitive market rate and negotiates prices in the students’ best financial interest. Per law, LSC is providing students with the ability to opt-out of the way LSC purchases books and supplies, and allows students opting-out to purchase books and supplies themselves.

Students who choose to opt-out and purchase books and supplies themselves, will have their tuition reduced. Tuition will not be reduced by the amount the student purchased the books and supplies for on their own, but by the amount LSC has paid for the books and supplies. Tuition will be reduced after submitting the opt-out form to the LSC-North Harris Business Office in which a credit will be applied to the student’s account. The opt-out form will remain in effect for the entire length of the program. All forms must be turned in to the LSC-North Harris Business Office three weeks prior to classes starting.

The form can be obtained from the LSC-North Harris Business Office can be downloaded online here.

Payment Plans

Payment plans must be obtained through myLoneStar and are available prior to the payment deadline for registration. Visit LoneStar.edu/payment-plan for information relating to the payment plan offered.

Students whose financial aid for the current semester exceeds the cost of their tuition and fees will not have to set up a payment plan. Their enrollment will be protected from cancellation. This holds true only when their financial aid is in an accepted status. Pending financial aid will not protect enrollment from cancellation, therefore you must make other financial arrangements to protect your enrollment. If you are unsure of the current status of your financial aid, then contact a representative from your financial aid office.

Collection Agency Fees

If financial obligations are not paid in full by their due dates, these debts may be referred to an outside collection agency and to the appropriate credit bureaus. Resulting collection agency fees, not to exceed 30% of an account balance, may be added to the original debt. The student must pay these costs, as well as applicable interest, litigation costs or attorney fees. Furthermore, all unpaid obligations will result in holds placed on student records affecting the issuance of diplomas and transcripts, and will prevent future registration activity.

If you have any questions regarding costs or payment, please contact a college business office.

LSC Tuition/Fee History

Year Tuition per
Credit Hour
*Fee Per
Credit Hour
Additional Fee Total for 6
Credit Hours

Total for 12
Credit Hours

2012-2013 $40.00 $30.50 $32.00 $455.00 $878.00
2013-2014 $40.00 $30.50 $32.00 $455.00 $878.00
2014-2015 $42.00 $30.50 $32.00 $485.00 $938.00
2015-2016 $42.00 $33.50 $32.00 $485.00 $938.00
2016-2017 $44.00 $33.50 $32.00 $518.00 $1,004.00
2017-2018 $44.00 $37.00 $32.00 $518.00 $1,004.00
2018-2019 $44.00 $37.00 $32.00 $518.00 $1,004.00
2019-2020 $49.00 $37.00 $34.00 $550.00 $1,066.00
2020-2021 $88.00 $2.00 $0.00 $540.00 $1,080.00
2021-2022 $88.00 $2.00 $0.00 $540.00 $1,080.00
2022-2023 $96.00 $0.00 $0.00 $576.00 $1,152.00
2023-2024 $103.00 $0.00 $0.00 $618.00 $1,236.00

* Please note the fee per credit hour for the 2020 academic year and prior years in the table above have been updated to include the average differential fee and distance learning fee charged to students per credit hour. This change was made to allow a more accurate comparison of prior years to the current simplified tuition structure, which has collapsed most mandatory fees into tuition.

LSC Business Office/Cashiering Contact Information

For business office hours, contacts, and phone numbers, visit LSC Business & Bursar Offices

LSC Financial Aid Office Information

For Financial Aid Office hours, live chat, and contact information, visit the Financial Aid Office website.

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