Course Drops

Undergraduate students enrolling as first-time in college students at a public institution of higher education in Texas will be limited to a total of six dropped courses during their entire undergraduate career.

Institutions Affected

Texas public community colleges, technical institutes/colleges, health science institutions offering undergraduate course work, and universities must comply with the legislation of TEC 51.907 (SB 1231).

Students Affected

All first time in college (FTIC) students enrolled for the first time in a Texas public higher education institution beginning in Fall 2007. Students who started college anywhere Fall 2007 or thereafter and then transfer to Lone Star College are also affected by the six-drop limit.

All students previously enrolled (prior to Fall 2007) are not impacted. Additionally, Dual credit, ESOL, and developmental studies students are not included.

Drop vs. Withdrawal

SB 1231 stipulates "dropped" courses which at LSCS are referred to as "withdrawals". Withdrawals occur between official day and the posted withdrawal day. Drops/withdrawals prior to the official date are not considered "dropped" courses and are not posted on the transcript.

Excluded Courses from Limit

Drops from the following types of courses are excluded from the course drop limit:

  • Courses taken by students while enrolled in high school whether for dual credit or early admission. Once graduated from high school the drops will begin to count.
  • Courses dropped at private or out-of-state institutions.
  • Remedial or developmental courses, workforce education courses, or other courses that would not generate undergraduate credit that could be applied to a degree.
  • Drops which meet the definition of a complete withdrawal.

Appeal Request

Students have the option of appealing a grade and/or course enrollment provided they have the proper documentation. All requests for corrections or reviews must be submitted to the Admissions Office within 12 months of the close of the semester in which the course was taken. Students will need to complete the Appeal Request and submit it to a committee for review. Please note that processing time for an appeal request may take 4-6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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