Disbursement is the process of transferring anticipated financial aid to your student account to pay your tuition and fee bill to Lone Star College. 

LSC will not disburse financial aid until all verification is complete. If a student is awarded financial aid prior to the payment deadline the aid should show online as a pending credit or anticipated aid. The total amount of financial aid is generally credited to the student bill in two installments (half in the fall semester and half in the spring semester). Grants, loans and installment payments credited to student accounts will be applied to all outstanding tuition charges before refunds are generated. Students are issued refunds if the credited financial aid is more than the charges.

Outside scholarships will not be credited to a student's account until the check arrives at the college. Scholarship balance refunds are issued to students according to the donor's specifications.

Awarded Financial Aid Before the Start of Classes

Financial Aid funds are disbursed after the Official Day of Record for the term. Students will not be dropped from classes as long as tuition, fee, and book charges do not exceed the student's award for the term.

Awarded Financial Aid After the Start of Classes

Students who are awarded Financial Aid after the start of classes for the term will be awarded based on their enrollment level on:

  1. the student's Official Day of Record or,
  2. the date their file is completed in the financial aid office, whichever is later

Access your financial aid account in myLonestar

You can always view your current status in myLoneStar

  1.  Login to myLoneStar
  2.  Click on My Student Center
  3.  Click View Financial Aid
  4. Select the current year to view your Financial Aid Information

Need more help?  Visit the Student Help Center in myLoneStar at Student Help Center > How to documents

Balances from a prior term should be paid out-of-pocket before registering for a future semester. Current semester financial aid will first be applied to current semester tuition, fees, and other charges owed to the institution. However, current semester financial aid disbursements may be used to cover past due balances up to $200 in prior-year charges at Lone Star College.

Financial aid refunds generally occur during the fourth week of each semester if all paperwork has been submitted in a timely fashion, and the student is registered for the amount of hours used to determine financial aid eligibility. Students who enroll in late-start classes (flex/mini-term) will be mailed the check or ACH for the balance (if any), to their mailing address approximately two weeks after the Official Day of Record for the late start class.

LSC cannot disburse to first time borrowers until after the 30th class day. If multiple disbursements are required within one term (i.e. one term only loan), the secondary disbursement will be released after the midpoint of the semester has passed. Tuition, fees, or other allowable institutional charges remaining from the beginning of the semester will be deducted from loan proceeds and the remaining balance will be transmitted via a paper check or direct deposit (go to myLoneStar for more information). Funds will be mailed to the address on file with the Admissions Department.

You must be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours each semester to be eligible for loans. If at any time you drop below the six hour minimum, any portion of your loan that has not been disbursed for the semester will be cancelled and your lender will be notified.

In addition, if you are enrolled in six credit hours in different parts of the semester, your loan will not disburse until you reach six hours of enrollment. For example, if you are enrolled for the fall semester in three credit hours in the first eight weeks, and three credit hours in the second eight weeks, your loan will not disburse until after your second eight week course has started and you officially start six hours.

Students who only enroll in late start classes will receive a disbursement once the class with the earliest start date begins. If the student drops classes, the award may be adjusted to reflect the change in enrollment. Enrollment changes that occur after disbursement may result in a balance due to the institution.

If a student drops below six credit hours, any portion of the loan that has not been released will be canceled and the lender will be notified that the student is no longer enrolled at least half-time. Students are required to complete an Exit interview if this occurs.

Students who apply for loans will have their eligibility and enrollment level based on the date the loan is certified and again the date the check is released. Students who change enrollment to a level below half time, or who fail to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress after the loan is certified will have their loans canceled.

Federal guidelines require LSC to review a student's eligibility for aid received if the student does not successfully complete his/her course work during the semester. You may owe back a portion of the financial aid funds received, in accordance with Department of Education Guidelines. If you owe money back, the balance will be reflected as a charge on your student account. Additionally, there are no current provisions for extenuating circumstances with regard to Return Title IV Regulations.

If you or your parents borrowed a Direct Loan (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, or Plus) during the same semester, the funds must be repaid in accordance with your Master Promissory Note. You may contact your lender regarding your loan.

We are required to notify the National Student Loan Data Services (NSLDS) if you do not resolve.

Review Return of Title IV for more information.

Your financial aid file must be processed and you must be eligible for financial aid to receive book advance funds. Please be aware that book advances are only for books and supplies.

A student of this institution is not under any obligation to purchase a textbook from a Lone Star College affiliated bookstore. The same textbook may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer.

A refund is different from a disbursement. A refund is generated after all allowable institutional charges are deducted from your disbursement. The Business Office will refund the remaining credit via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or paper check. Disbursement and refunds do not occur on the same day. Visit our Business Office Refunds Page for More Information.

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