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Student Complaints


General Complaints

Lone Star College is committed to understanding and assisting the needs of all students, staff, faculty and visitors. Sometimes these concerns do not fit neatly in one of the other categories on this webpage. To help answer general questions or address academic, general, or any campus concerns, we ask students to submit this information using the Student Complaint Form. Based on the information you provide, the appropriate staff member will contact you.


Academic Complaints

Lone Star College is committed to appropriate resolution of academic and instructional complaints as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you have a concern, you should first contact your instructor to try and reach a resolution. If your instructor is unable to address your concern, you can submit a Student Complaint Form and based on the information you provide, the appropriate staff member will contact you.


Academic Grade Appeal

Lone Star College recognizes a student’s right to consistent and relevant forms of assessment. An academic appeal is a formal request brought by a student to dispute a final grade. If you feel your grade is incorrect, you must first meet with your instructor informally to attempt to resolve. If no resolution is obtained, students can initiate the formal academic grade appeal process. Students must meet one of the following requirements in order to qualify for an academic appeal:

1) a mathematical error in the grade’s calculation

2) a deviation—by the instructor—from the course syllabus or the College’s policy manual (this document), o

3) disparate treatment of the student not covered by EEO (e.g., race, color, sex, and etc.) policies

Any basis for appeal outside of those three categories will not be considered. 

To file an official grade appeal, you must complete the LSC Final Grade Dispute Form within 12 months of your final grade posting.


Student Services Complaints

It is the practice of Lone Star College System to assist all students in finding fair and just solutions to complaints related to their education and services. LSC’s Student Services Complaints procedure is not intended to circumvent the normal chain of communication or set aside the “open door policy” for students established by faculty and administrators. Student services complaints include incidents outside of the academic setting relating to a student’s educational experience or student services. This complaint process is not intended to address complaints related to sexual harassment or discrimination that are prohibited by LSC Policy. Students wishing to report complaints regarding sexual harassment or discrimination are directed to following resources for information and reporting:

Sexual Misconduct: Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault-Title IX Website

LSC Incident Reporting System

Students with student services complaints must first discuss with the person whose action has caused them to consider filing the compliant in an effort to resolve the situation informally. If the student is unable to informally resolve their complaint, then they may complete a student compliant form and provide it to the supervisor of the person whose action has caused the complaint. If the complaint is not resolved after that meeting the student may then submit the Student Complaint Form.


Student Civil Rights Complaints

Lone Star College provides equal treatment and educational opportunities to all persons without regard to race, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other protected status. Any student experiencing discriminatory treatment or civil rights violations, aside from Sexual Violence or Title IX Harassment addressed in Section VI.F (Sexual Harassment, Assault, Violence, and Discrimination), may submit a civil rights complaint under LSC Board Policy VI.D.12. For information regarding the process, procedures, and applicable forms, please use the links below. A student may file their complaint form with the CSSO of the college where an alleged civil rights violation occurred, or with that college’s president. For information regarding the CSSO of the college where an alleged civil rights violation occurred, see the table below.

Academic Misconduct

Lone Star College strives to uphold the academic core values of learning. Students are subject to academic discipline for academic misconduct and Academic Code of Conduct violations.

Academic misconduct and violations of the Academic Code of Conduct subject students to academic discipline under this Section—including suspension and expulsion.  When possible, members of the College community should try to resolve minor allegations of academic misconduct informally.

If you believe someone has violated the LSC Academic Code of conduct, please submit the following form to report the incident:  Academic Misconduct Form

Chief Student Services Officers (CSSO)

LSC-CyFair Campus

  • 9191 Barker Cypress Road
    Cypress, Texas 77433

LSC-Westway Park Technology Center

  • 5060 Westway Park Boulevard
    Houston, Texas 77041

LSC-Cypress Center – Katy

  • 19710 Clay Road
    Katy, Texas 77449
Bennie Lambert, VP Student Success

LSC-Houston North Fairbanks Center

  • 14955 Northwest Fwy
    Houston, Texas 77040

LSC-Houston North Greenspoint Center

  • 250 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E.
    Houston, Texas 77060

LSC-Houston North Victory Center

  • 4141 Victory Drive
    Houston, Texas 77088
Kimberly Lowery, VP Student Success

LSC-Kingwood Campus

  • 20000 Kingwood Drive
    Kingwood, Texas 77339
LSC-Atascocita Center
  • 15903 West Lake Houston
    Houston, Texas 77044
Nicole Keenan, Dean of Student Development

LSC-Montgomery Campus

  • 3200 College Park Drive
    Conroe, Texas 77384

LSC-University Center at The Woodlands

  • 3232 College Park Drive
    The Woodlands, TX 77384

LSC-Conroe Center – Conroe

  • 777 Conroe Park North Drive
    Conroe, Texas 77303
Cami Keitel, VP Student Success

LSC-North Harris Campus

  • 2700 W.W. Thorne Drive
    Houston, Texas 77073

LSC-Transportation Institute

  • 24037 W. Hardy Road
    Spring, Texas 77373

CHI LSC-North Harris School of Cosmetology

  • 910 Richey Road
    Houston, Texas 77073

LSC-East Aldine Center

  • 2430 Aldine Mail Route Rd.
    Houston, Texas 77039

LSC Health Professions Building

  • 17200 Red Oak Drive
    Houston, TX 77090
Magdalena Mendoza, Interim VP Student Success

LSC-Tomball Campus

  • 30555 Tomball Parkway
    Tomball, Texas 77375

LSC-Tomball Health Science Building

  • 700 Graham Dr.
    Tomball, Texas 77375

LSC-Creekside Center – The Woodlands

  • 8747 West New Harmony Trail
    The Woodlands, Texas 77375
Henri Dally, Dean of Student Development

LSC-University Park Campus

  • 20515 SH 249 (SH 249 and Louetta Road)
    Houston, Texas 77070

Energy & Manufacturing Institute

  • 1152 Compaq Center West Drive
    Houston, Texas 77070
Dr. Katherine Cecil Sanchez, Vice President of Instruction/Interim Vice President of Student Success

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