Placement Testing

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TSIA2 Exam

The Texas Success Initiative (TSIA2) is a state legislated program designed to improve student success in college by requiring all students attending public institutions of higher education, unless considered TSIA2 Exempt, to complete assessment in reading, writing and mathematics before enrolling in classes. Preparing for assessments is encouraged since test scores determine course placement. Students scoring below college level readiness are required to enroll in developmental courses which do not apply towards a degree or certificate.

  1. Apply to Lone Star College before scheduling any assessments.
  2. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). The PAA must be completed prior to taking the TSIA2 Assessment and is available online. Click here to access the Online PAA. Once the PAA is completed, students will get a completion certificate and can use that to take their TSIA2 Assessment with a campus testing center. Students who are TSIA2 Exempt are not required to complete the PAA unless they are choosing to take the TSIA2 Assessment.
  3. Unless TSI Exempt, all students take the TSI assessment to enroll. Visit the campus Advising/Counseling Office to determine what subjects are needed and to get a testing ticket. NOTE: the CyFair and Montgomery campuses no longer require a paper testing ticket. Visit their websites to submit your testing request online directly to them.
  4. Pay for your exam in person or online. The cost of the exam is $29 for all parts or $20 for ELAR only, $10 for Math only, and $10 for ELAR multiple choice only or Essay only if retesting.
  5. Refer to the Testing Centers website to find out which campuses offer walk-in testing, or to learn how to schedule an appointment to complete any needed exams. For Remote/Virtual testing options, see the “Remote Testing” instructions on this page.

Accuplacer Math Exam for Higher Level Placement

(Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions)

This exam can be used for placement into higher level math courses such as Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. Please speak with an Advisor to ensure you need this exam before submitting a test request.

See the Advanced Math Placement Chart (hyperlink to the attached form) for more details on what scores are needed for each higher level Math course.

Accuplacer ESL Exam

This exam is used for placement into ESOL Courses. Do NOT submit a test request form for this until you have spoken to an ESOL Advisor. The contact information by campus can be found on the ESOL page: https://www.lonestar.edu/esol-dept.htm.

Remote Testing

Before starting the Remote (Virtual) Testing process, please be sure to review the TSIA2 Exemptions and Waivers page  AND speak with Admissions or Advising to determine which parts of the test you need, if any. Students  should verify which parts of the test they need to complete prior to paying for an exam.. If you are still unsure, you can email Advising for assistance. Students should determine what parts of the test they need to complete prior to paying for an exam.

Dual Credit students: Please DO NOT follow the Remote Testing Process below. Instead, reach out to your high school for more information on how to get referred for Remote Testing.

Please use this form to request remote testing for Placement Exams (TSIA2, Accuplacer Math, and Accuplacer ESL) and submit it to the testing center at your home campus. The testing center email addresses are on the form. NOTE: the CyFair and Montgomery campuses no longer require this form. Visit their websites to submit your request online directly to them

Remote Testing Process:

  1. Consult with Advising first to verify which parts of the test you need, if any.
  2. Complete the PAA in your My Lonestar account
  3. Pay for the exam on Marketplace:
  4. Submit the Remote Testing Request Form to the testing center at your home campus (email and links are on the form itself). The CyFair and Montgomery campuses no longer require this form. Visit their websites to submit your request online directly to them. 
  5. Within 2-3 business days, the testing center will send you a response.
  6. After PAA and Payment is completed and within 2-3 business days, the Testing Center staff will process the remote voucher and you will receive an email directly from Accuplacer with instructions on how to schedule and pay for your exam session with the virtual proctor. NOTE: the virtual proctor fee is in addition to the exam fee and will be paid directly to the virtual proctoring company. They are not LSC employees.



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