Employee and Student Assistance Programs

Through the resources of local, national and System based efforts, assistance is available for those individuals with alcohol and drug abuse problems. LSC offers the following drug and alcohol abuse information, counseling, assistance, and services:

Locally Offered Programs

  • In an emergency: call 9-1-1.
  • Local Mental Health and Mental Retardation Centers:
    • The Helpline for Harris County residents 713-970-7000 or 1-866-970-4770
    • The 24 Hour Crisis Line for Montgomery, Liberty, and Walker county residents 1-800-659-6994
  • Narcotics Anonymous of the Houston Area 713-943-1111, 713-661-4200
  • Alcoholics Anonymous of the Houston Area 713-686-6300

National Resources

Additional Assistance for Students

Any student seeking assistance and/or resources for drug and alcohol use may contact an LSC Counselor. LSC counselors are masterís level counseling professionals trained to assist students in meeting their personal goals. Several counselors are certified specifically for drug and alcohol abuse. LSC counselors can identify the personal problems and concerns of students and if necessary, may refer students to outside agencies for treatment and intervention. To assist in this mission, LSC counselors maintain current community resource information on area counseling, treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Additional Assistance for Employees

LSC offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is a confidential counseling service provided to all part-time and full-time employees and benefits-eligible dependents for personal and work concerns which may be interfering with work performance and/or quality of life. The EAP serves as an excellent resource for addressing difficult employee relations issues such as substance and alcohol abuse and workplace conflicts. Additionally, the EAP provides training opportunities for employees and supervisors.

  • The EAP may be contacted at: 713.500.3EAP or 888.846.5867.

Health insurance coverage is available for treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Employees should contact their individual health plan representative for information about insurance coverage.

Employees who voluntarily seek treatment or counseling for drug or alcohol related problems are accommodated as much as possible to allow them to address the problem. Employees are encouraged to use available resources such as EAP, sick leave, compensation time, and vacation leave in order to participate in a drug rehabilitation program.

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