LSCS Policy Manual

Lone Star College System District
Board Policy Manual

Fourth Edition

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LSCS Policy Sections

Section I

Governance and Board of Trustees

Section II 

Community and Governmental Relations 

Section III

Business Services

Section IV

Human Resources

Section V


Section VI


Section VII

Legal Affairs

Section VIII

Information Security

All policies contained in this Policy Manual are effective as of the date enacted by the LSCS Board of Trustees, regardless of whether updated versions are readily available. Policies are binding on all members of the Board of Trustees, officers, employees, students and visitors to the System.

The LSCS Policy Manual adopted August 7, 2008, as amended from time to time by the Board of Trustees, replaces and supercedes all previous System policy manuals and handbooks. To the extent that any other System or College, published or non-published, guidelines or procedures are inconsistent with this Policy Manual, the Policy Manual shall control.  To the extent that any policy in this Manual is inconsistent with State or Federal law, the State or Federal law shall control.  Action to modify, amend or delete policies contained within this Policy Manual requires the approval of a majority of the Board of Trustees at a duly constituted public meeting of the Board.  The online version of the Policy Manual is continuously and expeditiously updated to reflect current policy, and serves as the official version of the LSCS Policy Manual.  Nothing contained in this policy constitutes an employment contract, expressed or implied, or an offer to contract with any individual or external entity for any duration.  Moreover, nothing contained within this Policy Manual changes the employment-at-will status of any employee, nor creates any additional rights, remedies or expectations of continued employment.